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News 2006

- 16 -17.12.2006 -
International Dogshow in Vilnius
Bogaloo's Yes It's Me "Yettie" was  2*B OB-puppy  and second day also BEST IN SHOW -5 Puppy!  
Charmarq's Lady Rose "Lavender" got second day Class-CC. 

I have to saysay special thanks to Mairi and super handler, Lolita.
How made all possible.

- 02.12.2006 -
Christmas Puppie and Veteran show, Tallinn
It was first day out for B-litter and also to clumber boy Bimbik's Terra Antyda Adonis "Adonis".
In baby-class "Baako" Bimbik's Baako was BoB and his sister "Badia" Bimbik's Badia was BOS
"Basim" Bimbik's Basim
was Exc2
"Norbert" Bimbik's Babar
was Exc3
"Becan" Bimbik's Becan
was Exc4

and from girls "Baji" Bimbik's Baji was Exc2

And in puppie class Bogaloo's Yes It's Me "Yettie" was BOB

And our breeder class was BOB-Breedersgroup

Breeder class in Bis ring

In baby-class "Adonis" Bimbik's Terra Antyda Adonis was BOB

"Adonis" Bimbik's Terra Antyda Adonis

Big thanks to all puppie owners, that you have managed to do so well! I'm So proud of you all!

- 25.11.2006 -
National show in Sillamäe,

Bogaloo's Yes It's Me "Yettie" was BOB-puppy and finally she got BIS-puppy -1 .

- 04 -05.11.2006 -

International show in Tartu.
Our charming young lady Bogaloo's Yes It's Me "Yettie" achived BOB-puppy.
Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" got CC and Res-CACIB and ended with BB-2.

Spaniel speciality in Tartu.
Once again Bogaloo's Yes It's Me "Yettie" c BOB-puppy and finally she got BIS-puppy 4.
Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" ended with BB-4
Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie"
and uzzie got VG-2

- 22.10.2006 -
We had kennel Bimbik's first puppy-meeting.
Many-many thanks to Pruunes family for arranging this meeting in a very beautiful town Toila.
With us were there from A-litter Adonis with his housemate Emma and from B-litter "Basim" Bimbik's Basim as host,
Babar aka "Norbert" Bimbik's Babar with his housmate Silver, "Badia" Bimbik's Badia, "Becan" Bimbik's Becan, "Baji" Bimbik's Baji and "Baako" Bimbik's Baako and of course our teachers mothers Lavender and Annie-Mummie and aunts Tammie and Yettie .
We had time to meet again with brothers and sisters, play a lot and also we trained hunting- carrying real duck-wings and schock-therapy with shots from a real hunting gun.
We want to thank again the hosts and hope to arrange such fun meetings again on regular basis.

- 15-13.10.2006 -
We are very happy and in the same time sad to announce that "Bade" Bimbik's Bade has moved to his new owners- Toth and his lovey family- in Hungary near Budapest.
To deliver Bade we agreed to meet with Toth in Varsaw on King Zigmond's place.
Driving 15 hours and few problems finding the right place :).
We had a very pleasure lunch with you all!

- 11.10.2006 -
Our youg gangster team "Baji" Bimbik's Baji and "Baako" Bimbik's Baako with their brother "Becan" Bimbik's Becan graduated puppy school.
Let's hope their are prepared for future meetings with other dogs and unfamiliar situations.

-03.10.2006 -
Yesterday our super "Bela" Bimbik's Bela and clumber boy Adonis left us or their new homes.
We will hear and see about them much in future.

Adonis and his new family

We were so happy to meet after long time Elina, small "super lovely" baby & Satu. Time went so quick with you all!
Can't wait to meet this lovely team again!

Elina meeting Bela and sister Baji

We had a busy day. But we still found time to visit "Badia" Bimbik's Badia in her new home. "Badia" Bimbik's Badia seamed to be very happy to see her mother and sister again.


-25.09.2006 -
Over long time added some morning walk pictures of our "big" dogs. Like you can see traing time have started :)

New head and standing pictre to "Norbert" Bimbik's Babar page. New pictures also to "Bea" Bimbik's Bea page.

-23.09.2006 -

New (standing) pictres to
"Baji" Bimbik's Baji, "Baako" Bimbik's Baako, "Bela" Bimbik's Bela & "Bade" Bimbik's Bade page

-20.09.2006 -
We got some pictures of our "wildsister" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" agility trainings. Thanks Keida!

-16.09.2006 -
Today we had oppurtunity with "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me to take part (as "servis" team only) in big cyclists party -
Tartu cycling marathon (87km).
Yettie was a big star there.. she loved to be middle of so maby cyclist and their fans.. it was realy nice time.
And our friends drived nicely. Well done you all!

On Saturday, "Basim" Bimbik's Basim came to visit us and he had nice oportunity to play with her sisters & brothers.
He is absolutely one big "kissing masine". Added maby new pictures of his page.

Basim visiting us - Yettie and her "studients"
(from left) Baako, Basim, Bela, Bade, Baji & in the back Yettie

And in the evening "Bea" Bimbik's Bea came to visit us. She have grown so lovely.. she is quickly movin heary-girl.
Also Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" came home for weekend and straight a way showed others what isspringers job

Uzzie doing what springers should do.. even if not in right place ;)

New (standing) pictres to "Basim" Bimbik's Basim, "Becan" Bimbik's Becan, "Bea" Bimbik's Bea, "Baji" Bimbik's Baji,
"Baako" Bimbik's Baako
, "Badia" Bimbik's Badia, "Bela" Bimbik's Bela & "Bade" Bimbik's Bade

-11.09.2006 -

Great show results:
We where on weekend (10.09) in Ventspils, Latvia

Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" was BOB-Junior & BB-2 and got HP & Jun-CC ,which adds also a title to her Lv JunCh and
Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" got CC and was BOB and ended with GROUP-2!!!!!

Tammie reading her evaluation

Added new pictures to " Norbert " Bimbik's Babar & "Badia" Bimbik's Badia page. Also " Norbert " Bimbik's Babar have own homepage with her" big brother" .

Our wild-sister Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" started agiliy trainings with our good freind Keida.
Big thanks Keida, by maiking her dream come true.

"Future team" - Keida and Uzzie

- 06.09.2006 -
Today left "Badia" Bimbik's Badia to her new home. We hope to hear and see about that lovely lady a lot in the future!
We wish lot of happy moments for Badia and hergreat family.

- 05.09.2006 -
We did small forest trip (just to see the world) with small springers, who are already 9 weeks old.
It was so fun to see them enjoing the time. They have so good characters! Also put up pictures from that trip.

Also our young promising Bogaloo's Yes It's Me "Yettie" is training to be ready for shows ;)

- 28.08.2006 -
Today left "Basim" Bimbik's Basim to his new home. That young man was extremly special to us, so it was a bit hard ;)
Hopefully, we will see lot of this young charming gentelman and her lovely family in shows.

- 27.08.2006 -

It should have been a relaxed weekend but it didn't came so:
Our Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" and Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" had to go on Saturday to Vilnius show .
But unfortunately luck was not on our side. The dogs were going to the show with a good friend of us but her car broke down.
So 23.30 on friday evening we decided that Innu will go with a another breeder from Viljandi to that show.
Luckily form this decision on everything went smooth and well despite of the fact that the travellers had a bit hard time finding the show place.
As a result Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" gained excellent, BOB-jun title and Jun CC.
Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" got excellent CC.
So now Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" is Lt JunCh and Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" will still wait her tile.
Innu had a really hard show day leaving Viljandi at 1:30 in the night and to be back in Viljandi in 24:00. It's was a really crazy and sudden decision:)

Also added new pictures of Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" and Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie".

Some of the puppies have moved to they new homes.
We will see more about those lovely ones on they own pages.
And added some pictures to "Bea" Bimbik's Bea, "Babar" Bimbik's Babar and "Becan" Bimbik's Becan page!

- 22.08.2006 -
e did today mornig small photosession. then soon puppies will start to move to their new homes.

- 21.08.2006 -
Puppies 7 weeks of age pictures updated in B-litter page and also open own page for all puppies.
1 boy and 2 girls still looking for loving homes.
Updates also puppie picture albums.

- 14.08.2006 -

Puppies had first grooming session in the weekend.
Here are head pictures of the boys 6 weeks of age:

- 11.08.2006 -
Time is passing so quick.. It was like yesturday when lavender was mated ;) and now puppies are already 5 and half weeks old.
Updated new standing pictures of puppies.

Also new plaing Album is added to puppie page!

- 01.08.2006 -

Again we have been so bussy whit our lifes that have't had time ti sit beside computer and update.
Here are some quick news:

We where over long time on show.
29.07.2006 National dog show in Räpina, Estoinia.

Our younster Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" did great at show by bing BOB Junior and ended also BOS. Super result!

Alos our small fattie Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" got VG-1

Young teems are growing so fast.. Just updated standing pictures of springer puppies ( their own page).
And also but up gallery of puppies "day works" - look herer

Lavender and pups

And some head shoots of clumber puppies (their own page).

We where also on weekend in The Estonian Spaniel Association summe camp. Where we had nice time. We also did small exursion for our self whit friends;) That was super time!
Pictures soon!

And our Uzzie went back to have some more holiday with Monika.

Monika & Uzzie

- 14.07.2006 -

Today morning born clumber spaniel PUPPIES.
Mother and puppies are doing fine!

More about the litter -here

- 11.07.2006 -
New picture of Bogaloo's Yes It's Me "Yettie" 15 weeks

Half- sisters: Tammie & Yettie

Also got news from Uzzie . She seems to love Tallinn life. She was yesterday walking by seaside and was enjoying a lot the water and birds ;)

Uzzie and sea fire
Photo by ©Monika

- 10.07.2006 -
We have been so busy that haven't had time to update at all. It is so hot that even by my self hard to live, what to speak about dogs then.
Mostly we swim all evenings.. can't do more.
Puppies are doing fine growing a lot.! Puppie 1 week old - pictures!

Sleepy boy

And our wild-sister Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" went to summer holiday.

Uzzie "see you soon" kiss!

She is spending edutainment time with my friend Monika and her american cocker spaniel Leedy.

Uzzie middle of strawberry field
Photo by ©Monika

- 02.07.2006 -
English springer spaniel PUPPIES where born!
Puppies and mother are doing all well, more soon!

Lavender and puppies

Situation picture... Innu helping !

- 29.06.2006 -

New pictures of Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry "Annie-Mummie", 22 months old.

- 25.06.2006 -

We did first pictures where all our 5 dogs are together!

Our sweet team! Best I can't dream!

- 21.06.2006 -
We have been so busy with life that haven't had time to updates at all.
Our Lavender, how is in whelp last weeks, is so BIG already.
We are so exited about the litter

Our security girls

Our youngster, Yettie is supper charming.. she is like" Tammie the II ".
There is nothing that she could be afraid of.! Thanks Mia once more for So lovely girl

Our snow-girl Yettie is feeling like home!

- 17-18.06.2006 -
We had supper lovely weekend! Our good friends Mia and Heidi where visiting us whit they dogs.
Was so nice opportunity to have her all Mia and Heidi dog gang!

Photo by ©Bogaloo's

On Saturday 17th, we went to International Dog Show in Pärnu, Estonia where we got results as:

Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie"got Vg4, in Junior class
Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" got Vg2, in intermediate class
Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry "Annie-Mummie" was BOB

Mummie in the ring

And Our girls home kennel " "Bogaloo's" was BOB Breeders Class

On Sunday 18th, we spend nice day on Spaniel Special Show in Luunia, Estonia

Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie"
got Exc4, in Junior class

Photo by ©Bogaloo's

Bogaloo's True Temptation "Tammie" got Exc1 BB-4, in Open class

Photo by ©Bogaloo's

And kennel "Bogaloo's" was BOB& BIS-2 Breeders Class

Kennel Bogaloo's breeder class:
(Tammie brother),Uzzie, Tammie & Taiga (Tammie sister)

- 3-4.06.2006 -

On Saturday 3th, Spaniel Special Show in Tallinn, Estonia
Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie"
was in her summer coat and got VG-3.

On Sunday 4th, Baltic Winner Show 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia

Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry "Annie-Mummie" was BOB &got Baltic Winner 2006 (BaltW-06) title.
Judged by Mr Doug Johnson from United States (kennel Clussex clumber spaniels).

BOB &BOS : Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry & Spice Twice Athos

Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" was in her summer coat and got VG-3 .

- 27.05.2006 -


National Dog Show in Kohtla-Järve, Estonia
Our youngster Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" got her 3rd jun-CC and and was junior-BOS and BB2.

And our puppy-expecting Charmarq's Lady Rose "Lavender" got 2nd CC and was BOS and BB!

(more pictures will come soon)

- 13.05.2006 -
In national hunting dog special show, Valgehobusemäel in Estonia
Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie"
was BoB-Junior with Junior CC and ended BOB. Our biutifull Charmarq's Lady Rose "Lavender" got VG
And what was supper end for bit different show day, was that Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie"

- 08.05.2006 -
One healt news also.
Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" eyes are CLEAR!

- 07.05.2006 -
We had again lovely doggy-weekend. Our little (not so little any more) Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie" had her 1 yead birthday party! Dogs had lot of fun with Uzzie new toys.


Happy Birtday Bogaloo's U-litter and off-curse Mum and Dad!

- 05.05.2006 -

Puppy news
We where inseminating our Charmarq's Lady Rose "Lavender" today. SO, soon we will let us to know more about it on puppy page!

Lavender on trip

- 01.05.2006 -
Time goes so fast.. already Mai! We have been so busy whit dogs.Working on countryside on weekends.Dogs off-curse helping us.
We had almost a week whit us 2 fabulous Labradors, so our house was full of dogs ;) But they had lot of fun!

Tammie working


I have been so busy whit everything that haven't had time to work on my web page at all. But now, I have made new version (it is not still fully ready) and will try update it more! :)

Uzzie swimming

By the way... our "Uzzi - Buzz"i is now also in our springer swimming team :). She started also this spring to REALLY swim! (Last year she was just running in water)


We had supper show Saturday. We where at National Dog Show in Sillamäe, Estonia. Our young wild-sister "Uzzi-Buzzi" - Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation "Uzzie"- did great by getting her first Jun-CC, BOB-junior and ended BB-2.
And one more Hyper-super result.! Our lovely Lady Rose - Charmarq's Lady Rose "Lavender"- got also her first CC, BOB and was BB-1
and... was BIG4!!!!!

I had also opportunity to show beautiful golden girl Dunehill's Miss Gigi at Terra Antyda "Blondie" , how got her last Jun-CC (now Est JCH) , and was BOS-Junior

That was a great day.. what more you can dream!