News of years..

"Delu" Bimbik's Delu moved to new home, where she will have already bigger 4-leg friend Sissi.
We wish all the best for the future to the families and to sweet ones.

Bimbik's Delu with her family

Today came "Ciro" Bimbik's Ciro to visit his jungsters and to get grooming for holidays ;)
It was so nice to see that young sweet boy over while.

Bimbik's Ciro with her family and his young "mini copy"

New pictures in "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz page and in gallery.

Our "Lavender" Charmarq's Lady Rose is mated with very lovely young male
FinCh FinW-07 Jefferson De Los Tres Robles "Jeffe"
how is owned by Bogaloo's and Grinity Kennels.
Now we just have to wait, to get more news.

Sire of our next litter FinCh FinW-07 Jefferson De Los Tres Robles "Jeffe"

We had so nice nice trip and meet with very lovely people. It was first big "family" trip for us all. :)
We like to thank so much to Kirsi and Mika!
And also big thanks to out greatest friends Hakan and Birgitta.

We got also got eye test results:
"Lavender" Charmarq's Lady Rose is GPRA Cord1 CLEAR by DNA
"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz is GPRA Cord1 CARRIER by DNA

14.12. Latvian VIII. Group Christmas show

We spend nice day in Riga with good friends Erki and Mann. It was so nice to be back in shows over some time.
We got also very nice results:
"Carey" Bimbik's Carey was exl-2 Junior with HP
"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin
got her Lv junior CC and is now Est, Lv JCh

"Baako" Bimbik's Baako got Lv CC and was BOS
"Baji" Bimbik's Baji
got also Lv CC and was BOB, BIS-6.

Bimbik's Baji winning BIS-6

We also had praice (Baako and Baji) we won BIS-1!

Bimbik's Baako and Baji

Company ;)

Many new pictures on dog pages. Most of the new pictures is of D-litter.
some new pictures of "Carl" Bimbik's Carl and "Carlin" Bimbik's Carlin.

Our lovely "Don" Bimbik's Don and "Demy" Bimbik's Demy moved on weekend to their new families.
We wish all the best for the future to the families and to sweet ones.

Quick standing picturs of puppies 12 weeks old

04. 11.The miracle is born

We have VERY big anouncment!
November 1st, born to our family long waited little baby boy.

We would like to thank all friends how helped and supported us!

30. 10. Pictures on gallery

New pictures of puppies in our gallery.

28. 10. Pictures...

We did quick standing picturs of puppies 10,5 weeks old.. as it was raining..
we had to hurry up.. and didn't get all of them stand so good.
WE have still many promissing puppies for sell!
If you are intrested just send us e-mail or call.

26. 10. Pictures...

National dogshow in Rakvere
"Carrie" Bimbik's Carrie did exc-2! Well done ;)
New everyday pictures of puppies..

20. 10. New pictures...

New pictures of our every day walk.
And also new pictures on "Baji" Bimbik's Baji,"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin and
"Carey" Bimbik's Carey page.

19. 10. Healt news & show

"Chase" Bimbik's Chase and "Annie-Mummie" Taddles Mrs. Sowerberry eyes clear!
Clumber boy "Adonis" Bimbik's Terra Antyda Adonis hips A-A and elbows 0-0

"Saku" Bimbik's Carl was on show in Finland, Hyvinkää and got VG

18. 10. Bimbik's Casey show debute

Our talented young "Casey" Bimbik's Casey was entered
to estonian biggest match show where she ended to be in medium size dogs on 2nd place.

That is super result - WELL DONE Riina and Casey!

We meet today with lovely littel girl "Carlin" Bimbik's Carlin how came to see puppies.
Thank you Maris .. that you have helped Carlin to develop such a lovely young girl.

Bimbik's Carlin and Bimbik's Delu

17. 10. Bimbik's Devin

"Devin" Bimbik's Devin moved today to his new home,
where he will have big oncel "Saku" Bimbik's Carl
to teach him life.
It was so nice to see you again!

15. 10. Puppies 8,5 weeks..

New standing pictures of 8,5 weeks old Bimbik's D-litter

14. 10. Bimbik's Diva

"Diva" Bimbik's Diva moved to her new home.
We wish all the best for the future to this sweet girl and we will see her a lot in show ring!

And we spend lively day with "Drea" Bimbik's Drea "around" estonia..just small trip to see waterfall of Jägala!

Bimbik's Drea 8 weeks

10. 10. Puppies almost 8 weeks..

We did some quick new standing pictures.. what did came as came! We will do new ones douring some days.
Also we did one "D-litter" family picture ;)

from left: Bimbik's Demy, Dario, Drea, Don, Deniz Devin,Delu, Diva & mom Yettie in the back

- One very sad news! - Due accident we had to let small Bimbik's Dyre to "go"
"We all so much miss you girl!
07. 10. Puppies 7 weeks..

New pictures of puppies 7 week gallery

01. 10. Standing pictures of 6,5 weeks

Puppies are now 6,5 weeks old and here are the new standing pictures... as good as we got those to co-work with us ;)
Thay didn't all want to stand at all ;)

28. 09. 6 weeks

Some pictures in 6 weeks old D-litter gallery

25. 09. Trip...

We spend nice day in Ida-Virumaa and also visited family Pruunes, how have 2 lovely boys from us-
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase and "Basim" Bimbik's Basim. It was a lovely time.. also with one great healt news...

"Chase" Bimbik's Chase have hips: A-B and elbows: 0-0
Also added new pictures on "Chase" Bimbik's Chase gallery and on "Baako"Bimbik's Baako page!

24. 09. D-litter 5,5 weeks

Added new standing pictures of our D-litter on 5,5 weeks age on their page.

Yesturday we had one of the greatest quest in our town ;)
We had my best friends from Finland.. and we spend nice time in old Viljandi.

Big thanks that I have YOU!

22. 09. Finland show news and puppies 5 weeks

Our finish import "Saku" Bimbik's Carl took part on his first show..and got VG-4.
WE are so proud of him!

Bimbik's Carl

Our puppies are now 5 weeks old.. and learn every day something new -today they had forest lesson ;)
Pictures of that fun trip you can see on their gallery!

15. 09. Puppies 4 weeks

First staning pictures on D-litter page and on D-litter gallery

14. 09. II. and VIII. Group Show,Tallinn
judge Anja Puumala, Finland

Our 2 great girls from last litter did SO WELL!
"Carrie" Bimbik's Carrie did get her 2nd junior CC and was
and her sister "Carlin" Bimbik's Carlin did get exc-2 on her first show.. supper !!
We are so proud of you all!

Bimbik's Carrie 2nd jun-CC
Photo by Monika

07. 09. Puppies 3 weeks

D-litter is now 3 weeks old. As we wanted to do some pictures of them but all didn't co-operate with us as well as we wanted..
so we got only few first standing pictures.. if somebody is intrested can ask in e-mail.
But on the D-litter page we updated head pictures.

Bimbik's Diva -3 weeks old.

"Carlin" Bimbik's Carlin visited us for grooming.. to get ready for her first show..
we got nice standing picture of that little star ;)

04. 09. Puppies..

Our D-litter is growing so well..

30.-31. 08. Cacib show in Hungary
judges: Karlo Bala &
K.Butrimova, Lithuania

"Bade" Bimbik's Bade did again super well:
Saturday he was BOB with CC, CaCib and ended as BIS-2!
And on Sunday CC, RES-CACIB
From now "Bade" Bimbik's Bade is real HUNGARYAN CHAMPION

24.08. Speciality Show for Groups VIII and IX in Luunia,Estonia
judge L. Bondar

"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin got his 3rd junior CC and was BOS-Junior.
Bimbik's Carolin is now ESONIAN JUNIOR CH.

"Carey" Bimbik's Carey
did also great by getting her 3rd junior CC, was
BOB-Junior and that was not all.. he walso was BOS!
Bimbik's Carey
Also our young dad "Ciro" Bimbik's Ciro was EXC-2 and BM-3.
Judge said that it was so hard to pick first from them ;) Special thanks to Ciro family!

Brothers in the ring - Carey and Ciro

In open class we had out "Becan" Bimbik's Becan how did not think that it is his day to run ;) He got his 3rd CC and was BM-2
And also the same tought had "Baji" Bimbik's Baji and ended with BB-4

In working calss "Peppi" Bimbik's Bela got her 2nd CC and was BB-2.
Now Bimbik's Bela, is out first breed

BOB Crownmaple Heloiza Notre Dame & BOS Bimbik's Carey

Also "Casey" Bimbik's Casey page updated with new fun pictures ;)

23.08 National Show in Väimela, Estonia
judge Elmar Lurich, Estonia

Our friends did nice show day :
"Carey" Bimbik's Carey
got his 2nd junior CC, was BOB-Junior and BOS!
"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin
was to shy with new handler and got VG-1

Bimbik's Carey and her proud owners ;)
Thank you Erki and Mann!

Also "Peppi" Bimbik's Bela had come to estonia show tour for a weeked and started it well.. By getting her CC and BOB

We spend that nice day in our great friends wedding.. what was a supper party!
WE onece more wish you good luck in future
Ahti and Kristi!!

17-16.08 International Show in Tallinn,Estonia
judge Lucian Doru Pipas, Romania.

Our C-litter stars did so great there:
"Carrie" Bimbik's Carrie
got her first Junior CC and BOB-Junior, BB-3
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase got her last Junior CC, and was BOS-Junior. And that was not the end- he was also BOS
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase can call her self now ESONIAN JUNIOR CH.
We also got nice pictures of "Carlin" Bimbik's Carlin to her page... and you can see how much one girl can look like mother ;)

WELL DONE, we are so proud of YOU ALL!

BoB Alfalex Fairy-Tale & BOS Bimbik's Chase

16.08. Today morning we whelped LITTER OF PUPPIES.

The litter was born from real love.. more later.

13.08. Our lovely boy "Ciro" Bimbik's Ciro moved to new home!

WE are so happy for our sweet boy.
Good luck Ingrid and her family with cassanova boy ;)
Also "Ciro" Bimbik's Ciro healt is tested - hips are A-A, elbows 0-0 and eyes are clear.

11.08 New pictures

Bimbik's Carey, Bimbik's Carl, Bimbik's Carolin, Bimbik's Baji.
Bimbik's Carey
eyes are tested and clear!

10.08 Great show news from "Bade" Bimbik's Bade

"Bade" Bimbik's Bade have take part in many shows.. with supper results:
26.07 Night CAC Show in Debrecen - CC
24-25.05 Varazdin CACIB show in Croatia - CC and CaCib
11.05 Budapest, CACIB show - CC and Cacib
Odzaci CACIB show - Cacib
WELL DONE Bade and her family!

29.06 Spaniel Specialty show in Luunia,Estonia
- judge Ligita Zake,Latvia

"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin Exc-2, Jun-CC and BB-3
"Carrie" Bimbik's Carrie VG-3
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase VG-2

"Basim" Bimbik's Basim VG-1
"Becan" Bimbik's Becan VG-1

"Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation Exc-2, BB-2
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me VG

Kennel Bimbik's was BIS-3 Breeder

Kennel Bimbik's breeder class - Bimbik's Becan, Carolin, Chase & Carrie

28.06 Pärnu International Dog Show
- judge Krystyna Opara, Poland

"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin BOB-Junior, Jun-CC and BB-2
"Carey" Bimbik's Carey BOS-Junior, Jun-CC and BM-2

Bimbik's Carey and Carolin in the ring

"Becan" Bimbik's Becan BOB, CC, CaCib & BIG-2
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me
BOS, CC, CaCib

Clumber boy "Adonis" Bimbik's Terra Antyda Adonis was BOB, CC & CaCib

Bimbik's Becan BIG-2 judged by Jukka Kuusisto

23.06 Middsummer eve we spended with some friends and dogs beside the sea

01.06 International Dog Show "Winner 2008"
- judge Daniela Radu, Romania

"Chase" Bimbik's Chase BOB-Junior, jun-CC, BM-4 Estonian Junior Winner 2008 title
"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin Exc-2, BB-4

BOB & BOS-junior

"Becan" Bimbik's Becan Exc-1, rec-CaCib & BM-2

"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me Exc-1, CC, res-CaCib, BB-3

Clumber boy "Adonis" Bimbik's Terra Antyda Adonis was Exc-2, res-CaCib BM-3

31.05 Spaniel Specialty Show in Tallinn
- judge Petr Studenik, Czech Republic.

"Chase" Bimbik's Chase BOB-Junior, jun-CC BM-3

"Becan" Bimbik's Becan Exc-1, CC & BM-2
"Norbert" Bimbik's Babar Exc-2, BM-4

"Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation Exc-1, BB-3
"Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation Exc-2, CC & BB-4

Tammie enjoying show

05.04 National Dog Show Rakvere, Estonia
- judge Ove Germundsson, Sweden.

"Chase" Bimbik's Chase BOB-puppy with HP
"Carrie" Bimbik's Carrie BOS-puppy with HP

"Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation CC, BB-2

15-16.03 International Dog Show Latvian Winner 2008
- judge George Shchogol, Georgia

"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin BOB-puppy
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase BOS-puppy

"Becan" Bimbik's Becan BOB, Lv CC, CaCib BIG-1 and got Latvian Winner 2008 title
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me BOS, Lv CC and got Latvian Winner 2008 title

Bimbik's Becan winning BIG-1

10.02 International Dog Show in Tallinn
- judge Mr. Ove Germundsson, Sweden

"Carrie" Bimbik's Carrie BOB-puppy with HP
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase BOS-puppy with HP

"Becan" Bimbik's Becan VG
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me Exc

Clumber girl "Malvina" Bimbik's Terra Antyda Albina was BOB, CC & CaCib

19.01 Lithuania Show "Kaunas Winter 2008"

"Carey" Bimbik's Carey BOB-Baby and BIS-2 BABY
"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin

Bimbik's Carey with owner and with sister Carolin

"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me BOB, LT CC and BIG-2
"Baako" Bimbik's Baako BOS and LT CC

In pries competition Baako and Yettie won BIS-1 Praise


Great show news from "Bade" Bimbik's Bade how have been