News of years..



28.11 National Show in Sillamäe, Estonia
Judge Zoya Oleynikova (Ukraina)

"Chase" Bimbik's Chase BIG-1. Thank you judge Zoya Oleynikova

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
2'nd in puppy class with HP
"Dario" Bimbik's Dario BOB-Junior, JunCC
& BM-2 = and is now ESTONIAN JUNIOR CH
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase
BOB, CC and he did super well in the end by ending BIG-1
WE are so happy and so thankfull for the owners and specialy to Urve and Jaak for the hospitality

Us visiting Chase and Basim ;)

15.11 Helsinki all breed puppyshow, Finland
Judge Pirkko Konttinen

"Effie" Bimbik's Estella
did so well, she was BOB-puppy & BIG-1
New pictures of all E-litter puppie pages

12.11 Health results

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
eyes CLEAR
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea eyes CLEAR
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me eyes CLEAR

08.11 Helsinki puppyshow, Finland
Judge Eeva Anttinen

"Effie" Bimbik's Estella
2'nd in 5-7 months class


Time flies and our litte baby-boy is already a year old little boy how is full of speed and action.

31.10- 01.11
In. Dog Show „Cruft’s qualification show’2010”& Int. Dog Show „Zooekspo’2009” in Riga, Latvia
Judges Greg Eva, Sout-Africa & Hans Gruttner, Gremany

On sunday:
In puppy class
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea in junior class VG-1
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me in open class VG-1

and on Saturday:
In puppy class "Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen BOB-baby
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea in junior class jun-CC,BB-5
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me
in open class resCACIB, BB-2

24.10 Agility

"Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation and Keida took part in agility exam in Tartu.

Uzzie and Keida

08.10 Health results

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea hips are A-A and elbows 0:0

8-11.10 World Dog Show, Bratislava 2009
Judge Barbara Muller

Our own dogs and breed dogs did well.. we are happy!
"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz EXC-4
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea
got EXC in Junior class
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me
was EXC-2 in open calss
"Becan" Bimbik's Becan was EXC-3 in open class
"Bade" Bimbik's Bade EXC-4 in open class

"Bade" Bimbik's Bade and "Becan" Bimbik's Becan
picture by Csongor Tóth

And the most GREATEST news from World Dog Show is that Sir,"Zeneck" Linmoor Zimply Zalient,
of our E-litter is now WORL WINNE 2009!

We are so proud that we could take part of your happy day, Kasia and Marcin at Kennel Lordsett!

13.09 Spaniel hunting test

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea and "Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation did pass hunting test.
"Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation is now also ESTONIAN CH and Est JCH.
Also "Carrie" Bimbik's Carrie
did pass hunting test! Well done Toivo!

12-13.09.2009 National Show Warszawa & Club show Warszawa, Poland
Judges: Jana Janek (SK) & Kazimierz Sciesinski (PL)

First day "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz BOS Junior
and in club show
BOB Junior, Junior BIS-3 = CLUB SHOW Junior WINNER'09

12.09 National Dog Show, Tallinn
Judge Vera Smirnova

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen did his debut and was BOB-Baby with HP
"Diva"Bimbik's Diva BOB-Junior, Junior-CC and BOS-It was her 3rd Junior CC and she is now EST JUNIOR CH
DJ" Ch.The Talking Eyes Give Me Tonight
BOB with CC


05.09 National Dog Show in Ventspils, Latvia
Judge Erwin Deuscher ( Austria)

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea BOB-Junior,Junior-CC, BOS
And our quest "DJ" Ch.The Talking Eyes Give Me Tonight BOB with CC and BIG-4

22-23.08. `Baltic Winner 2009` International Dog Show,Tallinn.
Judge Luis Catalan, Portugal

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea
junior class Exc-3

"Diva"Bimbik's Diva
junior class Exc-4
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me open class Exc-1
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules open calss Exc-2
Proud Billy

National Dog Show in Väimela, Estonia
Judge Vera Smirnova

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea BoB-Junior, BOB
"Dario" Bimbik's Dario BOS-Junior, JunCC

"Carey" Bimbik's Carey BOS and CC
Bimbik's Carey 2 years

And it is so nice afther show to relax in forest with ALL family ;)
Bimbik's team in the forest

Trip to Finland

We had nice trip to Finlan where I met wit many good friends-pups
and "Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules met with lovely girl!

Love ;)

Thank you Heidi for so nice time ;) And little sisters could play for 2 nice hours!

Sisters: Bimbik's Elberta & Bimbik's Estella

And "Elbe" Bimbik's Elberta moved to her co-home with Hanna and boys ;)

Sisters: Bimbik's Elberta & Bimbik's Estella

Tartu National Show
judge Ake Sjöström, Sweden

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea was BOB-junir and BB-2
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules got this time BOS, CC

BOB-Alfalex Golden Grace & BOS-Bogaloo's Break The Rules

"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules was allso compeating with Maaria in Junior Handler ring and they wone -BIS-1 Junior Handler!
Well done Maaria!

Billy in Junior handler ring in finlan competition, in dog change

Billy will have now one more show in Estonia for a while and then he will tray in Poldan and near there ;)

Also we have some new pictures on Uzzie, Lavender, Edwin, Effie,Elberta, Eugen, Elfina, Elian Diva & Becan pages!

Healt results

We have some healt results:
"Saku" Bimbik's Carl hips A-A & elbows : 0-0
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen and "Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta &
"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin are GPRA Cord1 CARRIER by DNA
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules GPRA Cord1 CLEAR by DNA

Haapsalu National Show
Yochai Barak, Iisrael

While we spend quality time with our family and friends in XVII Viljandi Folk Music Festival, whats was SO good this year,
did our breed dog so great work in showring!
"Diva"Bimbik's Diva did got her 2nd Junior CC, was BOB-junior, BOB and ended to be BIG-2
"Carlin" Bimbik's Carlin
was Exc-1 in open class, BB-2 and got CC

Well done Maris, Ursula and Andres!

BIG-2, BOB & BOB-Junior Bimbik's Diva
11 months old. Photo by Devilstar

Bimbik's Estella "Effie"

Bimbik's Estella "Effie" moved to Finland!
We will hear more of her in show ring and so on!
Many happy moments and wonderful time with her Heidi and Päivikki!!

We really miss you little Effie ;)

National Show in Lithuania.

Our quest "DJ" Ch.The Talking Eyes Give Me Tonight was BOB, got CC and was BIG-5
Thank you Elen!

12.07.2009 EST JUN CH
Valga National show, Estonia
judged by Ing-marie Hagelin, Sweden

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea got her last 3rd JunCC and was BOB-junir and BOS = EST JUNIOR CH.
And also in Junior BIS-ring she was picked to copeat in the end with 10 last ones ;)
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules
got this time VG-1

Warszaw International Show, Poland
judged by Zvi Kupferberg, Israel

"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz got nice BOS and BOB Junior. And he finaly was in BIS Junior 5!
WELL DONE, we are so proud of you all there!

Tuusula and Hyvinkää dog shows, Finland
Luige dog show, Estonia

We spend nice weekend in Finland with our 2 girls.

Our junior class "Drea" Bimbik's Drea did well by getting exc-2 and her mother in open class "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me did get her Finland CC ;) and was BB-3 in Tuusula Summer show, judge Kirsi Nieminen, FIN.
Yettie sister Yennie was BB-2 ;) SO it was so nice to be together in the BB-ring with her sister ;)

Bogaloo's Yes It's Me
Bimbik's Drea

We had nice opportunity to go and help our "fin-boys" owner Hanna to groom dogs..and realy we are so happy for Devin and Saku, that they live so happy life ;)

Visiting Hanna's Boys ;)

ext day we had show in Hyvinkää, Raija Tammelin, FIN
junior class "Drea" Bimbik's Drea vg-2
open class "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me exc-2
And proudly we have to say that our "fin-boy" "Devin" Bimbik's Devin got junior class exc-1 and was BM-2 and got CC. Her housemate "Saku" Bimbik's Carl was "bit" to fat that and got one day VG-1 and next G.

Bogaloo's Yes It's Me

Thank you all how helped and made our days so nice there :)
And specialy big hugs to Heidi, Elina & also Satu- it was so nice to see you!

When we did show rings in Finland. Drea sister - "Diva"Bimbik's Diva did got her Junior CC and was BOB-junior!

Well done Ursula and Andres!

Puppies 11 months old

New pictures on E-litter!

INT show, Estonia & Ogre NT show, Latvia

Pärnu International show, juge Lilian Hanniste, we where our with:
Junior class"Drea" Bimbik's Drea VG-1

Junior class "Diva"Bimbik's Diva G
Intermediate class "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me VG-1

Drea 11 months old

And next day in Latvia:
Junior class "Drea" Bimbik's Drea exc-1
Intermediate class"Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin VG-1
Intermediate class
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules BOB, (LV)CC and ended BIG-3!

Billy in BIG-ring

We have also one "super sweet" young different type boy visiting us for a while.
"DJ" Ch.The Talking Eyes Give Me Tonight
(Ch Otein'N'Talkin'Eyes Magnitude x Ch. Tanjo's Eclipse Of Telmo)
We have to say big thanks to Boris to let us know more about your dogs and to have sweet and happy DJ with us for a while.Some pictures of him with us you can see here!

Thanks Boris we will enjoy good time whit DJ!

New pictures of E-litter (almost 10 weeks) and also to "Becan" Bimbik's Becan page!

20-21.06.2009 Show weekend in Luunia,Estonia

We had nice show weekend, where we took part in 2 specialty shows.
20.06 we took part of 8 group Spaniel Specialty Show, judged by Ljudmilla Mun.
Results where:
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea BOS-Junior, JunCC & BOS
"Dario" Bimbik's Dario BOB-Junior, JunCC & BOB but that was not all...
he also won BIS-1 Junior and BIS-2!
WE can't say how proud we are of that boy. Congratulation Marek and all Dario family!
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules was BM-2 and CC

Dario winning BIS-Junior

21.06 21.06.2009 8 & 9 group Spaniel Specialty Show,judged by Tatyana Rasthihmarova
The results where:
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea BOB-Junior, JunCC, BB-2

Drea winning 2nd JunCC

"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me exc-1,BB-3
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules
(his 3rd) CC and BIG-3

Billy winning BIG-3

Pictures of almost 10 weeks old puppies.. look more in E-litter page!

15.06 News..

We have had so nice time..
"Edwin" Bimbik's Edwin, "Ervin" Bimbik's Ervin and "Emilia" Bimbik's Emilia have left to their new homes. Look out for those in some show ring.. we wish many happy moments with those little fellows!!:)

Pictures of 8 weeks old puppies.. look more in E-litter page
Also updated new pictures of "Carey" Bimbik's Carey.

11.06 News..

We where last weekend in 2 shows in Tallinn.
On Saturday we took part in
Estonian 7 & 8 & 9 group Spaniel Specialty Show
, judged by F.Lochs-Romans
In females: Junior class female "Drea" Bimbik's Drea exc-2,
intermediate class "Casey" Bimbik's Casey exc-1 BB-4 and CC. It was her 2nd CC ;),
open classe
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me exc-2 BB-2
In males: intermediate class male "Chase" Bimbik's Chase exc-1,
open calss "Basim" Bimbik's Basim exc-1, BB-1, CC & BOS

BOS Bimbik`s Basim & BOB Alfalex Fairy-Tale
Photo by: Tiia Allas

On Sunda was, Estonian Winner 2009 Show, judged by Ole Staunskjaer.
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea VG-2
"Casey" Bimbik's Casey VG-1
"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me exc-1, BB-2

Bimbik's Drea & Bogaloo's Yes It's Me in the ring

We have also show news from Poland where "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz have been in shows:
In National Dog Show (CAC) in Radom:
"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz - Junior Winner, BOS Junior and BOB-Junior

We are so proud and happy of our team members how have done so great!

Updated also pages with new pictures in: "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz, "Casey" Bimbik's Casey and "Basim" Bimbik's Basim.
Also new pictures in E-litter page, at 7,5 weeks old!

03.05 Puppies 6,5 weeks

New pictures of 6,5 weeks old puppies.
And added pictures in their gallery (5,5 weeks old)

30-31.05 ESA & Czech Republic Spanielclub shows

We got so nice news from our breed "Bade" Bimbik's Bade how took part in ESA European Spaniel Show in Czech Respublic where he was in champion class exc-2, res CC judged by Mrs. Francis Jeckson.
And next day he took part in Czech Spanielclub Show and was champion class exc-3. judged by Mr. Bob Jackson. And he got nice perfect evaluations.

And we have to concrandulate breeder and owners of "Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules
sister "Bessy" Bogaloo´s Blessed Signes, how won Czech Spanielclub Winner title by being BOB, CC and BIS III
and in nother day European Spaniel Show Winner and CC.

"Bessy" Bogaloo´s Blessed Signes owned by Kennel Strenuous of Vitanyi

26.05 Show news and puppie pictures

Also we have SUPER news.
Sire of our E-litter, how are now 5 weeks old (new standing pictures of they page),
"Zeneck" Linmoor ZIMPLY ZALIENT
had WON BEST IN SHOW in INT show Leszno, Poland. We are so proud of his result and titles.
And we can't stop saing that it is all what he is worth!

In Poland, National Show Radom. Judge: Jan Ryk (PL)
"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz - BOS Junior, BOB Junior

24.05 we spend nice sunny day in National Dog show Panavesis, LithuaniaWere we got nice results :
"Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation
BOB and Lithuanian CC

Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation 4 years old

"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules BOS and Lithuania CC

Bogaloo's Break The Rules 22 months old

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea BOB JUNIOR and Lithuania JunCC

Bimbik's Drea 9 months old

21.05 Puppies pictures

We have been so busy.. but we did quick puppy pictures of your 4,5 weeks old E-litter.
Not the pest pictures as we didn't have so good treats ;)

11.05 Puppies pictures

We did first outside tour with small generation and also tried to do some stanging pictures ;)
Pictures you can see in our E-litter page.

Bimbik's Elfina 3 weeks and 3 days old

I have forgot to mantion one super healt results. "Peppi" Bimbik's Bela is GPRA Cord1 & Fucosidosis CLEAR by DNA

09.05 News

WE have so quit time lately.. puppies are so supper sweet and they grow so quick ;) We added new pictures in to our web gallery.

"Ciro" Bimbik's Ciro have been again in dog-day and took part with his owner in cross-country run and they WON 1st place.
WE can't say how proud we are again well done!!;)
also new pictures on Ciro page

We had nice visitors almost for a week -"Dellu" Bimbik's Delu and her company Sissi.
We can't say how nice days we all had with those happy wagging tales ones ;) New pictures on Dellu page.

28.04 Pictures

New pictures of all our E-litter.

In weekend we meet with lovely young lady "Demy"Bimbik's Demy how have grown so lovely! And so well behaving!
We have also some new show results from Poland, "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz have been 2* BOS-puppy with very promissing.
We are so proud well done!! ;)
Also new pictures to Demy and Deniz pages!

18.04 Puppies and show news ;)

WE have puppies.
Our "Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation got her puppies -4 lovely girls & 4 boys. Mother and puppies are doing fine.. dired but fine and happy. More will come in E-litter page ;)

First picture of Tammie and her puppies

Also in same day we sended our dogs to nother side of estonia, to Sillamäe National Dog, judge Anna Brankovich, Serbia.
And they did so well with so great results.
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea was again BOB-puppy and ended BIS-3, it was his 3rd BIS-puppy placements ;)
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules intermediate got her first CC , was BOB and ended BIG-2

We are so proud of our sweet ones.. and we have to say big thanks to nice handler, Maaria how made all that possible!!

"Drea"Bimbik's Drea BoB-puppy and BIS-3 puppy
Photo by Teele Juursalu

"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules intermediate got her first CC , was BOB and ended BIG-2

We are so proud of our sweet ones..
and we have to say big thanks to nice handler, Maaria how made all that possible!!

In Poland, National Show for VIII Group FCI,
Judge: Kirsi Nieminen (FIN) –
"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz- BOS Puppy

17.04 Pictures

New pictures on "Baji" Bimbik's Baji, "Carolin" Bimbik's Carolin and "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me pages.

Drea with mother Yettie having fun in the fields;)

16.04 News

We had nice visitors this week.
"Don" Bimbik's Don and "Dario" Bimbik's Dario visited us for grooming and Dario even had time to stay a bit longer.
Also our exported boy "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz was in show and got very promising!
We have to say we are so proud ouf our D-litter kids. Well done owners ;)

Yettie with her kids.. Don, Drea, Dario and mum Yettie

Also we got VERY nice news from D-litter sir "Ciro" Bimbik's Ciro how have took part with his owner in unofficial obedience competition and got 2nd plase with 98 points (out of 100 point maximum). Well done.. we are so proud!!
Added new pictures of all boys.

11.04 BIS-2 puppy

We took part in puppy show with our little princess "Drea" Bimbik's Drea. She was BOB-puppy . But that was not end..
She won puppy BIS-1 and then ended in BEST IN SHOW ring BIS-2!!
WOU we can't say how happy we are of her.
Thank you judges Inga Siil and Tapio Eerola.

Drea winning again ;)

04.-05.04 Show news

We have some show results.
In Estonia, National Dog show in Rakvere, judge Theo Leenen, Belgium
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea was BOB-puppy HP
"Diva"Bimbik's Diva was 2nd with HP
"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules intermediate class exc-1
Also added new pictures to Billy page.

Also in Finland, on both days was dog shows, from where our breed "Devin" Bimbik's Devin & "Saku" Bimbik's Carl took part.

BOB-puppy Bimbik's Devin and BOS-puppy Bogaloo's Do It Again

"Devin" Bimbik's Devin was in puppy class on Saturday BOB-puppy with HP and on Sunday 2nd with HP
"Saku" Bimbik's Carl in intermediate class on Saturday G and on Sunday VG-1.
Also added new pictures on Devin and Saku pages.
We are happy for Devin and Saku family, will done;)

In Poland, National Show Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki.
Judge: Bozena Banasiewicz (PL)
"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz
BOS Puppy

25.03. Bimbik's Diva

We proudly present our family "Printsess" Tammie and her "Boss" Karl Mathias ;)

"Diva"Bimbik's Diva visited us for grooming.. so nice young lady... we can't say how proud we are of ouf D-litter.
New picture on her page
and we have to say " Thanks!" to Anders for so good pictures ;)

21.03. Latvian Winner 2009
Judge Ricky Lochs-Roman, Netherland

We had so nice day in Riga, in Latvian Winner 2009 show.
Our littel star "Drea" Bimbik's Drea was BoB-Puppie, Hp and ended in BIS-3 puppy by judge Kamen Litov (Bulgaria). We can't explain how proud we are of her!
Also new picture on her page!

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea winning BiS-3 Puppy

Her mother "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me did also so great as being in open class exc-1(CQ) and BB-2.
We are so proud of our black and white stars ;)

We have to say that Estonian springer kept flag high, Alfalex Fairy-Tale won BIG-1 and as last year
"Becan" Bimbik's Becan
won BIG-1 in same show. Congratulations Riin for her great results and new titles!

09.03. New pictures..

Today we have one great news.. "Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation is in whelp.
New picture of "Baako" Bimbik's Baako with her owner and "Ciro" Bimbik's Ciro page

07.03. New pictures..
We had nice visitors
"Lavender" Charmarq's Lady Rose and "Becan" Bimbik's Becan and we used opportunity to stand and picture them.
We can't say how proud we are of Becan boy.. he have just developed SO lovely. And is one of our flavorite boy.

Tammie is waiting to update some her news..." :)

05.03. Many news..
We have so many news from last time when updated.
First we tell the puppies news. We had very-very nice trip to Poland to
mate "Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation with lovely"Zeneck" Linmoor Zimply Zalient.
The trip was so special because we got so nice new friends and meet with lovely dogs.
Now we have just to wait to see do we get results ;)
We say special thanks to Kasia & Marcin, it was so super time in your place!

Tammie and Zeneck having "FUN" :)

We have got the GPRA Cord1 results: "Chase" Bimbik's Chase CLEAR, "Drea" Bimbik's Drea CLEAR, "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me CARRIER and "Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation CARRIER.

Many pages updated with pictures:
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea, "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It' s Me, "Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation,"Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation, "Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules, "Saku" Bimbik's Carl, "Carlin" Bimbik's Carlin, "Devin" Bimbik's Devin

13.02. Puppie plans & news

We plan one very exiting mating douring this months, more in puppie page.
Last weekend "Demy"Bimbik's Demy visited us, it was so nice to she our special one over some time. New pictures on her page.
Also "Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules results came and his hips where A-A and elbows 0-0. Supper news!

21.01. Healt news

"Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules eyes clear also his hips as sended.. now just have to wait results.
Also new pictures in gallery

Bimbik's Drea and Dario enjoing puppie-hood.

16.01. News

Dear "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz went to Poland to live with his new family.
We wish all the best for our sweet happy boy and wait to hear his big career ;)
We have also one new visitor "Billy" Bogaloo's Break The Rules.

We have also new picture on"Diva"Bimbik's Diva, "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz, "Drea" Bimbik's Drea, "Delu" Bimbik's Delu, "Demy" Bimbik's Demy pages and also in gallery.

Our own little" Wilda's Team" ;)
Bimbik and Billy
Bimbik and Deniz

08.01. News

First we have say that our "Lavender" Charmarq's Lady Rose is not in whelp as ultrasound showed.
So sadly, no puppies from this combination this time.

We have some new pictures on "Diva"Bimbik's Diva and "Lavender" Charmarq's Lady Rose page.

We have had so nice winter days lately that it is just fun to be outside.