News of years..



19.12 Clumber Puppies.

We proudly anounch that long waited G-litter came to world.
More information in G-litter own page.

11-12.12 International Show "Helsinki Winner" & "Finnish Winner" in Helsink, Finland
Judges: Matti Touminen, Finland & Inga Siil, Estonia

We had only our "Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen with us. And I'm happy that he was in intermediate class Exc-3 both days.
Here is video of intermediate class males..

27.11 National Show in Sillamäe, Estonia
Judge: Veera Smirnova, Estonia

We had nice show-time in nother side of Estonia..
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea
won her last needed Estonian CC and was BOB, BIG-2!!

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea
is now Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian & Russian CH
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
Lt CC and BOS
And that was not all- we had also brace out ( Eugen and Drea) what wone BEST IN SHOW!

25.11 Eugen puppies in Finland

We visited my dear friend in kennel Finnhope to see how "Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen puppies grow.
Puppies mother is "Peppi" Bimbik's Bela.

If you feel intrested in this litter take contact with kennel Finnhope


06.11 Agility competitions in Tartu, Estonia
Judges: Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen, Finland.

A3 maxi "Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation in A3 maxi got on both courses -10.

14.10 New team members

We have new member from Finland "Kira" Wildomars Knocks You Out!
Thank you Sanna for so so sweet girl

26.09 National Show in Panavezys, Lithuania

"Drea" Bimbik's Drea
Lt CC and BOB
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
Lt CC and BOB.

25.09 F-litter 7 weeks

New pictures on F-litter page.

18.09 Agility news

We are proud to announce that from now "Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptation will compete highest, international
- A3 class in agility.
She is 1st English Springersaniel in Estonia how will compet in A3 class.
We are so proud of Keida and Uzzie

05.09 National Show in Ventspils, Latvia

They did it.. my dogs ;)
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen was first time out in open class with Lv CC, BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-5!!!


And her beutifull mother "Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation got also Lv CC and was BOS

Tammie with her LV CC

"Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry was BOB, Lv CC and also BIG-3!

Annie_Mummie running in group final

Brace - Tammie & Eugen won BIS-4


02.09 Healt news

Today I got the result of "Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina eyes genetical test:
PRA Cord1 CLEAR by dna.

28 & 29.08 2* International Shows in Debrecen, Hungary

We got news from our polish girl."Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina was in Junior class BOB-Junior and JuniorCC
by judge: M. Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, Poland
And secon day she was again BOB-Junior and Junior CC by judge: K. Bala (Serbia).

"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina became Hungarian Junior Champion!!

24.08 Hunting Trials for young dogs, in Poland

"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina got 1st degree diploma, 106 points, 1st place

15.08 8 & 9 group Special Show in Luunia, Estonia
Judges: Nikolay Sedõh (Russian)

Show day again with sun and in rain.
"Edwin" Bimbik's Edwin was got again super results - BOB-junior, BM-2, JuniorCC, BIS-1 Junior!!!
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen Exc-2 BM-3
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea was BB-2
"Edwin" Bimbik's Edwin 1 year and 4 months standing and waiting.. ;)

And "Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry was BOB, CC and also BIG-2, BIS-4!!

14.08 National Show in Väimela, Estonia
Judges: Tatyana Rasthihmarova (Russian)

Great show in sun and rain;)
"Edwin" Bimbik's Edwin
was out 2nd time and got again super results -
BOB-junior, BOB, JuniorCC, BIS-4 Junior, and BIG-4
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea
was BOS and CC

And we had funny brase our wiht Edwin and Drea, they won BIS-2.
And our clumber lady "Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry was BOB, CC and also BIG-2
Thank you so so much Maarja, specialy for that grazy run in rain and thunder in bis-brace ;)

07.08 F-litter is born ;)

We proudly announce that our long waited F-litter is born.
Proud mother "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me is tired but happy and all they do very well ;)
Got to see more in F-litter own page.

Emotions from "master bedroom" ;)

07.08 Healt news

"Effie" Bimbik's Estella did passed working ability test in Finland.
Well done owners ;)

03.08 Healt news

We have some new clinical eyetest results:
"Tammie" Bogaloo's True Temptation - Clear
"Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry - Clear
"Baji" Bimbik's Baji - Clear and also she is GPRA Cord1 CLEAR by dna.

25.07 National show in Będzin, Poland
Judges: B.Szczepkowska (Poland)

20.07 One more hips news.

"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina official hips score came and they where A-A! Super news ;)

19.07 Hips news.

"Ervin" Bimbik's Ervin got hips results today and they were B-B and elbows also ok 0-0

17.07 International Show in Pärnu
Judges: Veera Smirnova, Estonia

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen did so great job that I was so pleased and happy. He was BOB-junior, BOB and also BIG-4.
He was even picked out in 6 best juniors in junior BIS.
And we had also "Drea" Bimbik's Drea out in intermediate class and she did also great job- exc-1 and BB-2 with re-CACIB

Bimbik's Eugen winning 4th place in group

14.07 A-litter Birthday

Our clumber litter is selebrating 4th birthday today.Big cake to you all and hug from us ;)

Proud mother Annie-Mummie with her 1 hour old babies 4 years agao ;)

11.07 International Show in Warsaw, Poland
Judges: S. Stefik (Sk)

"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz was exc-1 and got CC & re-.CACIB.
Well done Justyna and Deniz ;)

07.07 Updates.

As I have been draw away from internet I have not had time do to updates for some time. Now I try to fix all.
We have updated many pages with healt news and pictures go to look around.
Mostly all E-litter puppies have some new pictures, also from D-litter Demy, and Carolin from C-litter.

02.07 B-litter Birthday

Our B-litter is celebrating their 4th Birthday today. Big hugs and kisses to you all!
We got nice pictures from Mari.. Pictures how "Baako" Bimbik's Baako and "Baji" Bimbik's Baji did celebrate birthday morning ;)

01.07 Yettie is in whelp

We break the news. As ultrasound confirmed - our sweet lady "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me is in whelp.
Puppies are due around 10th August. Lets keep fingers crossed.

29.06 National show in Przemysl, Poland
Judges: J. Konkiel (BOB, BOG), J.Gajewski (BIS Junior), B. Larska (BIS)

"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina was BOB-Junior, BOB but that was not all,
she also attain to be BIS-4 Junior, BOG and finaly was BIS-4!!
She is also now PL JUNIOR CH.
WE are so proud of that team - Thank you Monika!

Judges: Per Iversen, Norway

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen got excellent in junior class
"Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry was exc-1 and BB-2 and got CC. SO now she is also DK CH ;)

3 generations - granddaddy, daddy and son

We had so special and lovely time in Denmark.. that was super! We want to than our great friends Kasia and Marcin for so nice company, hositality, help and so on -YOU KNOW ;)
But ALSO BIG thanks to Nina and Mogens for so great hositality and FOOD. WE still wait recipes.

SO same team.. we will meet again next year. It was SO MUCH FUN!

What can be better- great company. nice time..dogs and so on. In Denmark, June 2010

19.06 VIII group Specialty show
Judge: Audrone Babianskiene (Lithuania)

Our big boy "Edwin" Bimbik's Edwin was in his fist dog show and
had nice debute
BOB-junior, BOS, JuniorCC, BIS-4 Junior.
We had olso our first lady "Baji" Bimbik's Baji out over long-long time and she was BOB and got CC.
"Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry was also out over long time and she was BOB, CC and also BIG-3
Bimbik's Edwin Bis-Junior 4
Bimbik's Baji BOB

09-13.06 Mating trip to Sweden

"Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me did a small surprise to us
by started her session almost a month earlier than planned.
SO we had to rush to Sweden to meet with lovely male
"Zeneck" Linmoor Zimply Zalient how was stain in Sweden for some time and just had become Swedish CH title.
All went nicely and we hope to get puppies in August.

Trip to Sweden with Yettie and Annie-Mummie

We want to thank Annelie for hospitality and great time - specially the horse ride.

One of the nicest thing - horses, nature and good company!

06.06 Internationals Show Estonian Winner 2010.
Judge: Ann Ingram, Ireland

"Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta BOS-Junior, JuniorCC, BB-2
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea exc-1 BB-4
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
BOSJunior Bimbik's Elberta & BOB-Junior Adamant`s Press Stop
Photo by Inka Kemppainen

06.06 Spaniel Specialty show in Tallinn
Judge: Inga Siil, Estonia

"Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta BOS-Junior, JuniorCC, BB-2
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea exc-1 BB-4
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
exc-2 JuniorCC

And we also had brace - Eugen and Drea. They BIS-4 Brace.

And the most important thing..
we have now 2 new Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian JUNIOR CH ""Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta & "Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen.
And Eugen is specialy also Russian JCH

15.05 International Show In Kaliningrad, Russia.

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen BOB-Junior, Junior CC and BM-2
"Drea" Bimbik's Drea got CC, CACIB and was BOS

Thank you Elen!

18.04 Our E-litter 1 year old

Our last litter, E-litter is selebrating their 1st birthday!
And we wish all the best to the owners soon they are adult ones ;)
And "Ervin" Bimbik's Ervin from Finland was visiting us.. so we had like small party with a cake ;)

Ervin, Eugen and Elberta celebrating their 1st birthday together ;)

17.04 National show in Sillamäe, Estonia
Judge: Tina Sulce

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen BOB-Junior, Junior CC and BOB, Junior BIS-4, BIG-2
"Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta BOS-Junior, JuniorCC and BOS
"Chase" Bimbik's Chase BM-2

BIG-2 Bimbik's Eugen
BOB Bimbik's Eugen and BOS Bimbik's Elberta
Bimbik's Chase

And we want to thank you again Urve and Jaak.. for so great hospitality as always and so nice time!!

10.04 National show in Rakvere, Estonia
Judge: Hans Van Den Berg

"Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta show here self so nicely and results where so great: BOS-Junior, JuniorCC and BOS.
"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen was Exc-2, BM-2.

BOS&BOS-Junior Bimbik's Elberta & BOB, BOB-Junior Adamant`s Press Stop

Junior males

10.04 Group show in Pertunmaa, Finland
Judge: Paavo Mattila

"Effie" Bimbik's Estella was second show in junior class and she won class, then she was even BB-1, got CC and ended BOS!!
Specialy proud of Effie and her owners.. and of her first Finland CC.

BOS Bimbik's Estella & BOB Adamant's Pop The Question.
Judge Paavo Mattila

Her evaluation was:
Beautiful balanced bitch, she have good proportions. Beautiful head, expression & neck.
Excellent body and bones. Balanced angulations. Very good overline.
Good quality coat. Moves well. Lovely temperament.

28.03 Dario visiting us.

"Dario" Bimbik's Dario visited us and we take a change and did new pictures on his page.

Bimbik's Casey
Photo by Riina Pertens

28.03 "Latvian Winner 2010" Riga, Latvia
Judge: Vilmos Kardos, Hungar

"Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta did great .. she was BOS- Junior, Lv JCC.
She also won her 2nd title douring this months - Latvian Junior Winner 2010 titel!
Latvian Junir Winners 2010
Bimbik's Elberta & Adamant`s Press Stop
Photo by Liina Sepp

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen was Exc-2 and got Lv JCC
Bimbik's Eugen
Photo by Liina Sepp

And we got the WINNER ;).. our intermediate class girl "Drea" Bimbik's Drea
was BOB, got Lv CC, CACIB
and got Latvian Winner 2010 titel!
It is like a miracle.. last year in same show she won BOB-puppy and win BIS-3 puppy.
SO.. it was her show also this year! *lol*

27.03. International show in Katowice, Poland
Judge: Mr Aleksander Skrzynski (Poland)

"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina BOB junior, got her 2nd JCC.
Also in that show did participate "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz how got get another CWC!
Again we are so so so proud of you all there!

Also new pictures of "Elian" Bimbik's Elian and head picture if "Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz page.

21.03. Agility in Kirkkonumme, Finland
Judge: Risto Ojanperä

"Uzzie" Bogaloo's Uniq Temptatin participated in agility comeptitions with Keida and they got clean run and arrive at A2 class in agility!!
Well done Keida and Uzzie- We are so so so proud of you! In the end they where 5th (from 50 dogs).


13.03. National dog show in Jaroslaw, Poland
Judge: Bozena Kowalska - Malitka

"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina
did take a part in her first show and straight a away she won Junior clas and got Junior Winner title!

Her evaluation was - " well balanced, with good bone, long elegant neck, long ears,
nice head, good top line, excellent angulations, excellent movement"

Memory form last year summer.
Elfina as a puppy and picture done by Jane.. how is the greatest fan of Elfina!

13.03. "Lithuanian Winner 2010" show, Vilnius - Lithuania
Judge: Vilmos Kardos, Hungary

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
did do great job again in ring
by gettin LT JCC, was BOB-junior and got her first title - Lithuanian Junior Winner 2010
Also her sister "Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta did performe her self this time her self nicely
and got - LT JCC, was BOS-junior and got Lithuanian Junior Winner 2010 titel!
Also we had "Drea" Bimbik's Drea how was in intermediate class EXC-2

We are so proud of our dogs!!
Proud daddy huging Eugen!

12.03 New pictures..

We had nice visitor for a week "Emilia" Bimbik's Emilia and also her page is updated with pictures.
Hugs to Emilia and her owners..girls had so much fun together!
Also added new pictures in New pictures in "Dellu" Bimbik's Delu & "Effie" Bimbik's Estella pages.
Also updated our clumber "Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry and her puppies ( Adonis, Malvina and Kevin) pages.
Also new pictures of our everyday walks in gallery.

"Kennelboy" leading the drive ;)

06.03 Tallinn Nationas show
Judge: Beata Petkevica (LV)

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen
debute in junior class with BOB-junior and got her first JCC and also BOS!
Also sister "Elberta" Bimbik's Elberta
did participate in that show in junior class with VG-2.
Big thanks you Hanna for letting your special sweet girl her for a while!!

Junior male ring
BOS Bimbik's Eugen & BOB Wildomar's Alpen Rose

26.02 New pictures..

New pictures in "Dellu" Bimbik's Delu, "Effi" Bimbik's Estella

20.02 Champion show in, Budapest

"Bade" Bimbik's Bade was in 2009 year Champion of Champion and won BOB

Bimbik's Bade

15.02 Updated

As we have not had time to do updates long time then now it is done. We have updated our dogs page (new pictures also)
And new pictures in Edwin's, Ervin's, Elfina's, Don's and Norbert pages.

13.-14 02 Show news from Poland
Judged: E. Sobieszczanska (PL) & S. Sztul (PL)

"Deniz" Bimbik's Deniz
won in both shows 2 CC.. so now Deniz is Polish CH..

New PL CH-Bimbik's Deniz

Tartu National Dog show & VIII group special show
Judged:Anne Livo Buvik (Sweden) & Tina Sulce

First day "Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen BOB-puppy with HP and second day in special show BOB-puppy with HP and that was not all.. he ended her puppie career with BIS-3 puppy. We are very proud of her!

"Eugen" Bimbik's Eugen winning BIS-3 puppy (8 months old)

New homes: Bimbik's Elfina and Ervin

I have not apprised of two E-litter babys how went to they new homes.
"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina went to her new home, in Poland, in middle of December.
We have to say that we are specialy happy for her and with her owners Monika and co-owner Hubert.
We hope to hear great results form Poland. Elfina is one very special black and white girl and she will have lot of fun with her family and dogs.. spcialy her springer buddys.

"Elfina" Bimbik's Elfina with her new family (December2009)

And also "Ervin" Bimbik's Ervin went to her new home in Finland.
We are happy that he is doing great with family Riiet
as he have true springer temperamend and activeness. We hope to meet with Ervin and her family soon and we know that he know how to make his family to smile! ;)

"Ervin" Bimbik's Ervin with her new family (January 2010)