News of years..



"Finch" Bimbik's Finch open dog class, exc-1 BM-1, CAC and BOB. But not at all.. he ended to be BIG-3!
Our girl "Drea" Bimbik's Drea Champion class bitch exc-1, BB-1, CAC and BOS! And now she is also FIN CH!!
Our clumber "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille as intermediacte class exc-1, BB-1, CAC and BOB.

-The Dream Picture-Family win!-
BOB-Bimbik's Finch and BOS Bimbik's Drea

Judge - Harri Lehkonen

Heigo and "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille

BIG-3 win Bimbik's Finch by Judge Kresten Scheel

Int CH*, Est, Lv, Lt CH, Lv W'10 & '11, Balt, Est, Lv, Lt JCH "Drea" Bimbik's Drea

21.& 22.07. National Dog Show, Jaunmärupe - Latvia
& National Dog Show, Ülenurme - Estonia
Judge: Borys Aleksandrov (UA) & Tatjana Urek

In Latvia show "Pluuto" Bimbik's Harish was , JBOB , BOB , JCAC = EST,LT & LV JCH !!
And next day in Estonia show he was ex/1 , JBOB & BM2!
Well done Pluuto and owner Merike!

21.07. National Dog Show, Ukmerge - Lithuania
Judges: Lidia Repina & BIS- Tatyana Ivanova

"Rio" Bimbik's Haven did again super work with her owner -JBOB, JCAC, BM2 and ended to be BIS JUN V!
So "Rio" Bimbik's Haven got now new title to add in front his name - LT JCH !

BIS JUNIOR V "Rio" Bimbik's Haven

You are so great team Rio and Iris! I'm so proud of you!

15.07. National Dog Show, Forssa - Finland
Judges: Rune Fagerström & BIG- Olecky-Spunar Viva-Maria (Poland)

"Finch" Bimbik's Finch open dog class, exc-1 BM-1, CAC and BOB. But not at all.. he ended to be BIG-1!
Our girl "Drea" Bimbik's Drea Champion class bitch exc-2.
Our clumber "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille as intermediacte class exc-1, BB-1, CAC and BOB and ended to BIG-3, handled by my man.

BOB Bimbik's Finch & BOS Adaman't So Far So Good
Judge: Rune Fagerström
BOB Bimbik's Gigille & BOS Millijor's Fernando
Judge: Rune Fagerström
BEST IN GROUP I -Bimbik's Finch
Judge- Olecky-Spunar Viva-Maria (Poland)

15.07. 7/8 Group Dog Show, Lammi - Finland
Judges ESS - Helene Björkman (Swe)& Clumbers- Raija Tammelin (Fin)

"Finch" Bimbik's Finch open dog class, exc-1 BM-1, CAC and BOS. We are so proud of our boy!
Our girl "Drea" Bimbik's Drea Champion class bitch exc-2.
Our clumber "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille as intermediacte class exc-1, BB-1, CAC and BOS

BOB Adamant's Feels Like Flying & BOS Bimbik's Finch
Judge: Helene Björkman
BOS Bimbik's Gigille & BOB Jazzin's Tailor Made for Spice Twice
Judge: Raija Tammelin

10.07. Bimbik's Izzy went to new homes!

Sheila and "Izzy" Bimbik's Izzy

07.07. International Dog Show, Karjaa - Finland
Judges: ESS - Karl- Erik Johansson (Swe) & Clumber- Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (Finland)

"Finch" Bimbik's Finch intermediat dog class, exc-2.
Our girl "Drea" Bimbik's Drea Champion class bitch exc-3.
Our clumber "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille as intermediacte class exc-1, BB-1, CAC, CACIB and BOB

almost 2 years old "Finch" Bimbik's Finch

23 & 24.06. International Dog Show, St. Petersburg - Russia
Judges: Kornelija Butrimova & Valentina P. Ivanishcheva

Mean while we had Middsummer evening in Estonia wih a friends, our team menebrs do go to shows :P

"Hugo" Bimbik's Harold was both days BOBJ & got 2*JCAC!
Well done, WOU!!

17.06. 8 & 9 Group show, Annikoru- Estonia
Judges: ESS & Clumber- Beata Peetkevica (Latvia)

"Pluuto" Bimbik's Harish was JBOS, BM-2.
"Hugo" Bimbik's Harold was exc/2 and JCAC and BM-3

Our quest "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody was BOB and got CAC and ended to be BIG-3!!

We are so proud of all you!

16.06. 5 & 8 Group show, Annikoru- Estonia
Judges: ESS- Maciej Kozber (Poland) & Clumber- Jukka Kuusisto (Finland)

"Pluuto" Bimbik's Harish was JBOB and JCAC and is now new LT & EST JCH!
"Hugo" Bimbik's Harold was exc/2 and BM-4

Our quest "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody was BOB and got CAC.

Thank you all for those results!

09.06. Springer Special Show
Judges: adults - Dave Mitchell (England) & Juniors- Trudy Short (England)

"Hugo" Bimbik's Harold junior exc-3
"Rio" Bimbik's Haven junior exc-2 + best movement
"Rapuncel" Bimbik's Hailey junior exc with best head
"Finch" Bimbik's Finch exc-2 with CQ.

03.06.International Dog Show "Estonian Winner'12",Tallinn-Estonia
Judges: EES - Juha Palosaari (Finland) & Clumbers - Calin Simu ( Rumeenia)

Our springers: "Rio" Bimbik's Haven BOS-Juniori and got now new title EST JW'12!
"Rapuncel" Bimbik's Hailey junior exc-2, JCAC and is now EST JCH!
"Finch" Bimbik's Finch
"Kira" Wildomars Knocks You Out exc-1, BB-4

Our clumbers:"Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille was JBOS, BOS and got now new titles EST JW'12 & EST W'12!
Our guest "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody was BM-2 and CAC!

We had also my best friend Bullmastif "Bram" Ardhub Im Back With Black with us on shows - BM-2, CAC and res-CACIB.

02.06. Estonian Spaniel Club Specila Show
Judges: EES - Jouko Leiviska (Finland) & Clumbers - Merja Ylhäinen (Finland

Springers: "Rapuncel" Bimbik's Hailey junior exc-2
"Finch" Bimbik's Finch
"Kira" Wildomars Knocks You Out exc-1 and BB-3
Clumbers: "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille was JBOB, BOS and Junior-BIS II
Our guest "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody BOB and CAC and BIG-3
We had also clumber praises and ended to be BIS-I
Hug to Rapuncel :)

27.05. National Show in Järvenpään, Finalnd
Judges: ESS - Saija Juutilainen (Finland) & Clumber - Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

"Finch" Bimbik's Finch exc-1
"Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille
was BOB, CAC and BIG-2!

26.05. Speniel Club Show, Finalnd
Judge: Tarja Hovila (Finland)

"Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille was BOS, CAC and BoS-BIS-2
Our guest "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody BOB

12.05. Internatioal Dog Show in Tampere, Finalnd
Judge: Ralph Dunne (Irland)

"Hugo" Bimbik's Harold exc-2 & CQ
"Finch" Bimbik's Finch exc-1 & CQ, BM-2, res-CAC & CACIB
"Kira" Wildomars Knocks You Out exc-2 & CQ

Our clumber quest "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody was BOB and got CACIB!

Sire of our I-litter SU & FIN* CH "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody

12.05. Hunting dog specila show in Türi - Estonia
Judge: Raija Tammelin (Finland)

"Pluuto" Bimbik's Harish was JBOB, BOB, JCAC and won BIS-Junior IV!
Pluuto have now two Estonian Junior CAC -one to go :P

Realy well done Merike and Pluuto!

06.05. National show, Saldus - Latvia
Judge: Andras Polgar (Austria)

"Hugo" Bimbik's Harold
was JBOB, JCAC & BIG 4

05.05. Nationa show in Talsi, Latvia
Judge: Malgorzata Wieremiejezyk-Wierzchowska (Poland)

"Hugo" Bimbik's Harold was JBOB, JCAC & BIG 5

05.05. Nationa show in Jonavos, Lithuania
Judge: Romanovskaya Tatjana (Belarus)

"Pluuto" Bimbik's Harish was JBOB, BOB & got Lt JCAC!
Super you two!

29.04. International Dog Show in Lahti, Finland
Judge: Hans Lehtinen (Finland)

"Finch" Bimbik's Finch got exc-2, BM-2, res.CAC & res.CACIB
"Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille
Our clumber quest "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody was BOB & CAC!
"Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody will be FIN & SU CH!

28.04. National show in Narva, Estonia
Judge: Nataša Davidovic (Serbia)

"Pluuto" Bimbik's Harish was JBOB, BOS, JCAC!
Nice work Merike and Pluuto!

21.04. Latvian VII group Speciality show in Riga, Latvia
Judges - Dusana Paunovic (Serbia)

"Kira" Wildomars Knocks You Out was BOS and won LV CAC!
Wou.. realy well done Karme and Kadri!

14-15.04. International Show "Tallinn Winner' 12"
Judges - Janusz Opara (BISJ- Helin Kasuk-Tenson)

Our young star "Rio" Bimbik's Haven did it again by winning BOB-Junior with new title "TALLINN JW'12"
got ger 3rd Est JCAC and was BM-2. But that was not all - he ended to be also BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR-2
Rio is now EST & LV JCH.
And her "littel" sister "Rapuncel" Bimbik's Hailey was BOS-Junior and also title "TALLINN JW'12".
Rapuncel also got her 2nd JCAC.
I'm so proud of you both.. well done!! Like always:P
Rio and Iris winning BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR II !!

11.04. Bimbik's I-litter born

We have now long waited news..5 clumber babies born today - 4 girls and 1 boy. Go to litter page to follow.

Great Easter to all our friends!

We have still quit much winter around her, but we do not care!
We have started already half months about half months about our running session ;)

My team - Boris, Gigi, Tammie (behing of me) and Finch

18.03.2012 International Dog Show „Latvian Winner’2012” (Latvia)
Judges - Anna Brankovič (Serbia)

"Finch" Bimbik's Finch went and took the title.. we are so proud of him. - BOB, CAC, CACIB and a new Latvian Winner 2012!
Another boy from our team did as good jobe as Finch, "Rio" Bimbik's Haven exc-1, JCAC, BM-3 and new Lv JW'12
Her litter sister "Rapuncel" Bimbik's Hailey exc-2. And they mother "Drea" Bimbik's Drea got just VG-2.
Our Clumber team daughter ( "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille) and dad ("Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody) did both get exc-2 in their classes.

We had with us also 2 golden retrievers how I got handled thank to my friend Marii.
EE & LT JCH, FI JW-11, LT JW-12 "Svante" Kerrien Game For A Laugh won junior class, got a JCAC and was finally BOB. And now Svante have one more title - LV JW-12
And a goldne girl "Lotte" Jako´s Jewel Of Finngreen was in junior class exc-3.
We had also our praises and ended to be BIS-4 !!. Thank you Marii for showing Drea & Rio.

12.02.2012 International Dog Show „Lithuanian Winner’2012” & „Vilnius Cup 2012”, (Lituania)
Judges -Maria-Luise Doppelreiter (Austria) & Branislav Rajič (Slovenia)

It was a trip with a big letters.. we had so much "exitement" with my friend Sari!
Thank you once more Sari for all the trip!
"Finch" Bimbik's Finch had first day not so good "show running" day and he did get exc-1, class CAC and BM-3.
Next day "Finch" Bimbik's Finch was BOB,CAC,CACIB and ended to be BIG-2!

We had with us also young and promissing junior "Hugo" Bimbik's Harold how was first day JBOS, JCAC and got LT JW'12 titel.
And next day "Hugo" Bimbik's Harold was JBOB, JCAC and BM-2, judge loved second days both our boys so much that he had hard to pick.. Finch or Huge for Best male title.

Our little small clumber girl "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille was on both days JBOB and got JCAC and and got LT JW'12 titel. First day she ended to be BOS also.

I'm so proud of our team!

12.02.2012 Group specialty show, Lohja (Finland)
Judges - Stig Arne Kjellevold (Norway)
Clumber: Reia Leikola-Walden

"Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille did so well that he won Jexc-1, BB-1 CAC & BOB
"Finch" Bimbik's Finch got vg-1

We are happy to to tell you that we hope to get more sisters-brothers to our beutiful G-litter.
Puppies will be born around 10th Aprill.
As SE Ch "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody came to visit us for shows and holidays :)

Proud parents - Boris and Annie-Mummie

Daughter "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille, dad "Boris" Don's Bohemian Rhapsody and mother "Annie-Mumie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry

10-12.02.2012 Internationl Dog Show, Tallinn (Estonia)

"Rio" Bimbik's Haven did SO super in firt his International show - BOBJ, JCAC, BM-3 & BIS-3 Junior!
So well done Iris and Rio!

"Rio" Bimbik's Haven (11 months old)- Winning in BIS-3 Junior (Int Show)
Judged by: Giuseppe Alessandra (Italy)

National show in Narva (Estonia)
Judge: Liam Moran ( Iirimaa)

"Rio" Bimbik's Haven - BOBJ, JCAC, BM-3

22.01.2012 International show, Turku (Finland)

"Effie" Bimbik's Estella did great show work - EXC-1, CAC, BB-1, CACIB, BOS
Well done girls!

BOB-Linmoor Your Majesty & BOS "Effie" Bimbik's Estella
Judged by: Christopher Bexon

8 & 9 group special show, Vaimastvere

"Finch" Bimbik's Finch first day exc-2, BM-2 & next day BOBJ and BOB and BIS-Junior, BIG-2 and BIS-4

Bimbik's Finch

"Rio" Bimbik's Haven both days exc-3 & BM-3

And our Clumber - "Gigi" Bimbik's Gigille both days BOBJ &BOB & BIS-4 & BIG-3 and got 2 needed JCAC
and is now LV & EST JCH
We had also out for fun coctail - Springer and clumber ;) and won both days BIS coctail ;)

And I had my friend golden retriever
"Lotte" Jako´s Jewel Of Finngreen (owned by Elina Piiparinen) BOBJ and BOB and JCAC and is now LV and EST JUNIOR CH!