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29.12 .2014 Bimbik`s M-litter grow!

Our M-litter litter is allready 4 weeks old

27.11 .2014 Clumber litter born!

Our M-litter clumber born 3 boys and 1 girl
Proud mother "Isabel" Bimbik's Isabel and puppies are doing just great!

Lovely october greetings from Mailiis.

"Jette" Bimbik's Jessica with granny "Yettie"  Bogaloo's Yes It´s Me

06-07.09.2014 Luige National Dog Show and 5&8 Group Show, in Estonia
Judged by Rodi Hübental & Nicola Smolic, Croatia

"Leopold" Bimbik's Leopold both days row BOB- baby from 3 babies and 2nd day won BBIS -III!
& "Rio" Bimbik's Haven was first day BOB and second day BOS.
  Both dogs are groomed & owned & handled by Iris!

BOS Bimbik`s Haven & BOB Alfalex Jade Lee


07.09.2014 Tracking test!

We have great show results from norway. "Iver" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amor got at his first tracking test where he got a 1. prize!

04.09.2014 Spaniel Hunting ability test!

"Saku" Bimbik`s Carl passed in spaniel working test!
Well done Hanna!

24.08.2014 Šalcininkai All Breed Show, in Lithuania.

Our little boy "Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy for Bimbik`s was on trip with our good friends
and won Lithuanian JCAC, JBOB, BOB and finally BIG-III!
Thank you Kerlin and Asko!

Bimbik`s Kennel in Facebook!

My lovely girls Iris and Mailiis did open our kennel page in Facebook!

Miss you!

23-24.08.2014 Spaniel Hunting ability test

Springer girl "Hailey" Bimbik's Hailey and
our young clumber boy from Norway "Iver" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amor
where both approved in working tes
t. We are so proud!
"Hailey" Bimbik's Hailey became also Finland & Estonian CH!!

23.08.2014 Mäntyharju Ggroup Show, Finland
Judged by Marja Talvitie, Finland

Over long time "Saku" Bimbik`s Carl was shown and won Finish CAC and was BOS!
Well done!!

BOS Bimbik`s Carl & BOB Adatza's Miracle So Magic

17.08.2014  Norwegian International Dog Show,in Oslo
Judged by Arne Foss

In Crufts quality dog show "Iver" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amor was BOB with CAC and is now Crufts qualified!

BOB Sempre Felicita Bimbiks Amor & BOS Clumbraise Rosanna

17.08.2014 Spaniel Hunting ability test

Our 2 boys "Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy for Bimbik`s &
"Rio" Bimbik's Haven passed hunting ability test today!!
"Rio" Bimbik's Haven became now Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian & Balt. CH!!

08.08.2014 WORLD DOG SHOW 2014, Finland

We have great news to inform from WOLRD DOG SHOW 2014!

In clumbers BOS and WORLD WINNER`14 was our own breed "Gigille"Bimbik's Gigille with CACIB
and BOB was Jazzin's Tailor Made For Spice Twice
"Iver" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amor
and exc/2 in junior class was "Asterix" Sempre Felicita Bimbik's Asterix
and in open class winner was our boy "Iian" Bimbik's Iian with CAC and ResCACIB
"Gigille"Bimbik's Gigille and"Iian" Bimbik's Iian ended to be BOB brace!

In springers our small guy "Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy for Bimbik`s got exc.
and in open class "Rio" Bimbik's Haven open class exc/3 and "Finch" Bimbik`s Finch was in champion class exc..

I have to thank all for that great day and specially my girls who I have had around me lately a lot! Special thanks to Renate, Karme, Iris, Mailiis,Marge, Kerlin, Maja and many others who made it all possible for Kennel Bimbik`s!!

01-03.08.2014 3x International Dog Show, Kuopio

Our clumber boy "Iian" Bimbik's Iian was in open class won 3xBOB wiwith 3xCAC & 3xCACIB!

From springers we had first day our our little "Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy for Bimbiks who won in junior class Exc/1!
In champion class we had 2 days our "Finch" Bimbik`s Finch who won both days Exc
And all three days we had in open class our our black boy "Rio" Bimbik's Haven who won first day just exc.
But last 2 days he was 2xBM-2 with 2xRes CAC and ResCACIB.

20.07.2014 National All Breed Dog Show, Tartumaa

"Jette" Bimbik's Jessica got JCAC and was JBOS&BOS
"Jhonny" Bimbik's Jhonny got JCAC and was JBOB and BM-2
"Finch" Bimbik`s Finch BOB and BIG-I!

19.07.2014 National All Breed Dog Show, Polvamaa

Our litte boy "Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy for Bimbiks got today JCAC and ended to be JBOB & BOB
"Jette" Bimbik's Jessica got JCAC and was JBOS and BB-2

JBOB Lordsett No Mercy For Bimbiks & JBOS Bimbik`s Jessica

11-12.07.2014 National All Breed Dog Show, Ogre

"Jhonny" Bimbik's Jhonny was first day junior class exc/2 and second day got Lithuanian JCAC!
Thank you all who made it possible!

06-07.2014 2 x National All Breed Dog Show, Lithuanian Plunge

Now we have final results from out 2 days show trip from Lithuania.

Springer team "Jhonny" Bimbik's Jhonny results where 2xJBoB & 2xJCaC =LT JCH
and his sister "Jette" Bimbik's Jessica got 2xJBoS & 2xJCaC=EST & LT JCH
Their granny "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me was first day BoS & VBoS with VCAC
Clumber girl "Isabel" Bimbik's Isabel was 2xBoB,2xCaC & WON 2 days row BEST IN GROUP I !!=Also new LT CH.
And once more thank Kersti for help!

02.07.2014 Asian Winner 2014, in Russia

"Hades"Bimbik`s Hades won САС, CACIB, BOB and ended to be BEST IN GROUP!

15.06.2014 Group Show in Pöytyä
Judge for EES Irina Poletaeva & Clumbers Jetta Tschokkinen

Our puppy class boy "Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy For Bimbiks was BOB-Puppy with HP
and big boy "Eugen" Bimbik`s Eugen was in champion class Exc/2, BM2 with CAC = FIN,SU, EST, LT, LV & Balt CH
Our clumber girl "Isabel" Bimbik's Isabel was BOB and got CAC

Our new CH Bimbik`s Eugen!

14.06.2014 International Dog Show in Kotka
Judge for EES Arja Koskelo & Clumbers Aneta Dopierala

and big boy "Eugen" Bimbik`s Eugen was in champion class Exc/3
Our clumber girl "Isabel" Bimbik's Isabel was BOS and got CAC and CACIB
and clumber boy "Iian" Bimbik's Iian BM2 with CAC and ResCACIB


08.06.2014 Group Show in Lohja
Judge for EES Monika Cyperling and for Clumbers Pia Itkonen

Our puppy class boy "Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy For Bimbiks was BOB-Puppy with HP
and big boy "Eugen" Bimbik`s Eugen was in champion class Exc/2
Our clumber girl "Isabel" Bimbik's Isabel was BOB and got CAC

07.06.2014 Group Show in Sauvo
Judged by Leila Kärkäs

"Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy For Bimbiks was BOB-Puppy with HP
"Eugen" Bimbik`s Eugen
was in champion class Exc/2
"Isabel" Bimbik's Isabel was in open class Exc/2

24.05.2014 Baltic Winner 2014 Dog Show, in Moletai

We have 4 new Balti Winners`14 in our team!

"Finch" Bimbik`s Finch got new title BALTIC WINNER`14 and ended to be BOB
"Drea" Bimbik`s Drea was BOS and won BALTIC WINNER`14. She got Baltic Winner title 3rd year in a row!!
Our clumber girl "Gigi" Bimbik`s Gigille was BOS and got BALTIC WINNER`14 title!
"Asterix" S.F.Bimbik's Asterix was JBOB and got BALTIC JUNIOR WINNER`14. He aso ended his Estonian and Lithuanian JCH titles!!!
WE are so proud. Thanks all who have made it possible!

03.05.2014 International Dog Show in Tampere
Juged by Christian Geelmuyden and BIG judged by Rudy Feyaerts

"Eugen" Bimbik`s Eugen was in workin class Exc/4
And our clumber girl "Gigi" Bimbik`s Gigille was BOS with CACIB and ended to be BEST IN GROUP!
Her sister "Lilli" Bimbik`s Gilliana was BB-2, CAC and ResCACIB

02.05.2014 International Dog Show in Zadar
Juged by
Ann Beatriz Knoll

"Larsson" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amigo won JCAC JBOB & BOB and finishing his CROATIAN JUNIOR CH title.
Well done!!

Bimbik`s L-litter born 21.04.2014

Our long waited litter is finally here:   "Hailey" Bimbik's Hailey gave birth to 5 boys and 2 girls.
More about litter on L-litter page.

Bimbik`s L-litter born 21.04.2014

We are do happy! We got to our tean 4 new titles!
"Finch" Bimbik's Finch was BoB,CaCiB and ended BIG III & is now Tallinn Winner'14 
"Gigi" Bimbikś Gigille BoS, CaCiB & Tallinn Winner '14
Old lady "Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry was Vet BoB & Talinn Vet.Winner '14
"Asterix" S.F.Bimbik's Asterix was JunBoB,JunCaC and ended JBIS IV & Tln JunWinner '14
Thank U all!!!

Iris Winning 1st price in handler competition with her boy Bimbik`s Haven


Bimbik`s Team going to walk!

23.03.2014 International Dog Show "Latvian Winner 2014", Riga
Judge for EES Vladimir Piskay & Clumber

Our Springers: "Finch" Bimbik's Finch CACIB, BOB & ended to win second year in row BEST IN GROUP = Lv W'11
"Jennifer" Bimbik`s Jennifer JCAC = Lv JW`14
"Drea" Bimbik`s Drea exc/2 BB-2

Clumbers: "Gigille"Bimbik's Gigille , CACIB, BOS = LATVIAN W'14
"Iian" Bimbik's Iian BOB, CAC, CACIB and ende to BEST IN GROUP V = LATVIAN W'14
and clumber praces (Bimbik's Iian & Bimbik's Gigille) where second year in row BEST IN SHOW V

Video of BEST IN GROUP 8 you can see HERE!!

22-23.02.2014 Celje Winter Winner 2014 International Show, Croatia
Judge Otakar Vondruš (CZ)

"Larsson" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amigo in eage of 10 months CAC, BOB and ending to be BEST IN GROUP !

22-23.02.2014 Norwegian Kennel Club Show, Norway
Judge Luis Manuel Calado Catalan, Spain

"Iver" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amor
was BOB and got CAC

22-23.02.2014 2x Panevėžys National Dog Show, Lithuania

  "Rio" Bimbik's Haven 2x BOB, 2x CAC, BIG V and second day BIG I !!
"Asterix" Sempre Felicita Bimbik's Asterix was 2x JBOB, 2xJCAC
golden retriever Sempre Felicita Brandon BOBJ, JCAC = LATVIAN JCH
Well done Karme, Asko and Iris!!

22-23.02.2014 Rijeka International Show, Croatia

"Larsson" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amigo CAC, BOB and ending to be BEST IN GROUP II !

22-23.02.2014 Norwegian Spaniel Club, Norway
Judge  Ralph Dunne, Ireland

"Iver" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amor
was BM-2  CAC  

25-26.01.2014 Stoholm Internationl show, Denmark

"Iver" Sempre Felicita Bimbik`s Amor on first day exc-2 in junior class jugde by Espen Engh, Norway
and second day BOB and got CAC judged by Wojciech Burski, Poland