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06.09 New home!

“Poppy” Bimbik´s Poppy moved to her new home!

03-04.09 Venspils National Show, Latvia
Judges: Nataša Blanuša & Jelena Kruus

“Norman” Bimbik´s Norman won both days BOB with Latvian JCAC and BOTH days BEST IN GROUP.
Firsy day ended the day with BEST IN SHOW V!!

Sister “Nichole” Bimbik´s Nichole was on first day as BOS with Latvian JCAC, second day Jun Exc-1 and BB-3

"Saku"Bimbik`s Karl won first day as BOB- Veteran, Latvian VetCAC and
BEST IN SHOW VETERAN and next day BOS- Veteran, Vet CAC

”Melissa” Bimbik´s Melissa won BOB on both day with Latvian CAC and firs day ended as BIG-3 and second day BIG-5

20.08 Spaniel Working Ability test

Our ”Melissa” Bimbik´s Melissa passed spaniel working abilty tests (SPA 1).

14.08 New homes

Some of our P-litter puppies moved to their new homes..

Good look with little Patrick, Patricia & Precilla!

12.08 Bimbik`s P-litter 7,5 weeks

New pictures of our

01.08 Healt News

“Norman” Bimbik´s Norman Our & “Nichole” Bimbik´s Nichole hips are tested as A-A and elbows 0-0


29.07. Bimbik`s P-litter 5,5 weeks

New pictures of our P-litter

. Bimbik`s P-litter 5 weeks

24.07. Bimbik`s P-litter 5 weeks

New pictures of our P-litter
Video of pups and parents u can see here:

17.07. Bimbik`s P-litter 4 weeks

Puppies first standing pictures of P-litter page

11.07. Bimbik`s P-litter 3 weeks

New pictures on P-litter page

24..06. World Winner 2016 show, Moscow

Our breed clumbers did so great .. WE ARE PROUD!
"Clinton" Bimbik`s Maxwell was Intermediate class winner
and Champion class boy "Asterix" S.F. Bimbik's Asterix was BM2 and also is now RUS CH !

Super and BIG THANKS to owners!

19.06. Bimbik`s P-litter born

We have puppies.. 6 girls and 1 boy born!

18.06. National dogshow, Tallinn
Judges Vera Smirnova (breed) and Claudio de Giuliani (group)

"Rio" Bimbik's Haven BOB & BEST IN GROUP in really heavy summer rain!

WELL DONE Iris and Rio!

05.06. International "Estonian Winner 2016" dogshow

“Gigi” Bimbik´s Gigille ch class exc-1, BB, BOS, CACIB= new title ESTONIAN W´16!!
”Melissa” Bimbik´s Melissa intermediate class exc-1, BF-2, res-CACIB

“Norman” Bimbik´s Norman junior class exc-2 with CQ
“Nichole” Bimbik´s Nichole junior class exc-2 with CQ
“Lilly” S.F.Bimbik´s Celine working class exc-1 with CQ
“Finch” Bimbik´s Finch ch class exc-1, BM-2, res-CACIB

“Finch” Bimbik´s Finch BOB progeny and finally BEST IN SHOW II

03.06. VIII & IX group dog show, Luige
Judges: Jelena Kruus (breed) & Maret Kärdi (ends)

Our only 11-months old N-litter youngsters did great! 

"Nana" Bimbik's Naomi was jun exc-2 and BF-4
“Nichole” Bimbik´s Nichole jun exc-1, Est JCAC, JBOS, BF-1, BOS=> LT & EST Junior CH!
“Norman” Bimbik´s Norman jun exc-1, Est JCAC, JBOB, BM-1, BOB=> LT & EST Junior CH!

Their granny "Yettie" Bogaloo's Yes It's Me was vet exc-1, vet-BOB, BF-3

Clumber boy "Asterix" S.F. Bimbik's Asterix was BOB, got est CAC
and in the finals he was BEST IN GROUP IV

21-22.05 Birštonas National Dog Shows, Lithuania
Judges: Jelena Kruus (breed) & Irina Azen (ends)

“Nils” Bimbik´s Nils 2x junior class exc-1, 2xLT JCAC, 2xJBOB, 2xBOB,
and both days BEST IN GROUP 3! –> new EST, LV, LT & BALT JCH!

“Nana” Bimbik´s Naomi 2x junior class ex-1, 2x LT JCAC, 2XJBOS, BOS! -> new EST, LV, LT & BALT JCH!
“Lilly” S.F.Bimbik´s Celine 2xworking class exc-1, 2x LT CAC! -> new LT CH!
Lilly´s son "Ethan" Sempre Felicita Ethan was both days BOB baby!
Well done Karme and girls!

15.05 Hunting Dogs Speciality Show in Särevere, Estonia
Judges: Astrid Lundava & Mart Mae

“Nils” Bimbik´s Nils was jun exc1, BM-2, JBOB and got Est JCAC!
“Nana” Bimbik´s Naomi was jun exc1, BB-2, JBOS and got also Est JCAC!
„Linne“ Bimbik´s Linette open class vg
„Liam“ Bimbik´s Liam was open class exc1 BM-3 and got Est CAC!
„Rio“ Bimbik´s Haven was working class exc1, BM-1 and BOS!
granny „Yettie“ Bogaloo´s Yes It´s Me was vet-BOB, BB-1 and also BOB!

"Drea" Bimbik´s Drea progeny class (B.Haven, B.Naomi & B.Nils) ended in finals as BEST IN SHOW!!
Also grandmother and grandson (Bogaloo's Yes It's Me and Bimbik's Haven)
made a brace which ended up being BEST IN SHOW II brace!!

Pictures by Kadi Haljand

7-8.05 Talsi National dog shows, Latvia

Another great show weekend for Bimbik´s team! 

“Nils” Bimbik´s Nils 2x BM-2 and 2x JCAC!
“Nana” Bimbik´s Naomi 2x BB-2 and 2x JCAC!
"Leopold" Bimbik´s Leopold first day BOB, got CAC and ended as BEST IN GROUP 3!
On the second day "Leopold" Bimbik´s Leopold was BOS and got CAC- he is now LV CH!
Our 10 years old „Yettie“ Bogaloo´s Yes It´s Me was on the first day BOB, got vet-CAC and ended up as BEST IN SHOW VETERAN!! On the second day BOB and got vet CAC (we didn´t stay for the finals) - She is also new LV & BALT veteran CH!!

23-24.04 Šiauliai National dog shows, Lithuania

“Norman” Bimbik´s Norman won 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB = new Lithuanian JCH!
“Nichole” Bimbik´s Nichole 2xJCAC, 2xJBOS = new Lithuanian JCH!
"Hailey" Bimbik´s Hailey 2xCAC, 2x BB-2 = new Lithuanian CH!
"Nixon" Lordsett No Mercy For Bimbik´s 2xCAC
Clumber girl "Melissa" Bimbik´s Melissa 2xJCAC, JBOB, BOB and BEST IN GROUP 4 = new LT and BALT JCH!
Also brace Nixon&Hailey were first day BIS-4 and second day BEST IN SHOW brace!!

23-24.04 Narva National dog shows, Estonia

"Nova" Bimbik´s Noel first day JBOB, JCAC, BM-3 and second day jun. ex2
"Nils" Bimbik´s Nils first day jun. ex3 and second day JBOB, JCAC, BM-4
"Nana" Bimbik´s Naomi both days junior ex2
„Yettie“ Bogaloo´s Yes It´s Me both days veteran class ex2
"Leopold" Bimbik´s Leopold first day BOB, CAC and BEST IN GROUP-4, second day ex1 and BM-2, Leopold is now new Estonian CH!!

Also kennel Bimbik´s ended up on the first day as BEST IN SHOW BREEDER!!


17.04. International Tallinn Winner 2016 dogshow
Judge Sonia Kelveri Philippou, Cyprus & Juha Putkonen, Finland

"Finch" Bimbik`s Finch - BOB & CACIB with new title Tallinn Winner 2016
"Norman" Bimbik`s Norman - Jun. exc-3
"Leopold" Bimbik`s Leopold - exc1
"Yettie" Bogaloo`s Yes It`s Me Vet-BOS & BB-4 with title Tallinn Veteran Winner 2016
"Melissa" Bimbik`s Melissa - JBOS & BB-2 and new title Tallinn Junior Winner 2016

"Finch" Bimbik`s Finch progeny class ended in finals as BEST IN SHOW II

BoB Bimbik`s Finch & BoS Inamorata Tamaam
JBoB Millijor's Snöfall & JBoS Bimbik`s Melissa

Nixon sons in Junior class

Breeder classes

Iris winning handling with Bimbik`s Leopold