6 years old

Name meaning: Whit skinned

: male
Date of birth:
14.07.2006 ( clock 07:55)
Clumber Spaniel

Owners: Riitta Viitanen, Finland

: B/C
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: clear
: OK

Swedish jun 1/1 hp
Finland open class VG/2


6 years old

Int&Fin&Est CH NordW-01
Welladays Basil The Fourth
Don's Welcome Back
Frejakalgens Bonne Louise

Fin Ch
Welladays West Side Story

Am&Can&Aust Ch SW-01 Clussexx Life Down Under
Welladays Waterlily

Bacchanal Well-Don Dallas
Sällebäcks Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
UVV´02 KBHV´02 KBHV´03
Don´s Babushka
JWW´96, NORDV´97, SV´98
Don´s the Road King
Schimo´s Attention Don´s

7 weeks

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6 years old

Winter 2009

Christmas 2008

2 years

Christmas 2007
6 months old
4 months old
2 months old
9 weeks
Kevin first days at new home (8 weeks)

9 weeks