Bimbik's family in Christmas 2017
Bimbik's family in August 2017
Bimbik's team in August 2016

Kennel Bimbik's is a small hobby-based kennel.
My name is Katrin Juurak and I was born in 1982.
I have studdied and worked as nurse in veterinary clinics in Estonia and in Finland and have lead puppy training classes.
Nowerdays I work in Veterinary Medicine Company in Estonia as products specialist a
nd client manager.

My hobby is dog behavior. I have taken part in seminars and conferences about animal behavior and most of my books at home are about this subject.
Also my big hobby is winter sports, passion from school time.

My team at home is at the moment quite small, because of life changes.
All my dogs have the status of  family members.
They play a big part in my everyday life and surely have their well earned special place in my heart.
I couldn't imagine any other life than life with dogs.
My friends say they can't imagine me without dogs.

Life have brought us at the moment to Finland. But our home is still in South-Estonia, near Viljandi.
Viljandi is an ancient city situated on a hill by a beautiful lake.
The heart of Viljandi beats in an ancient rhythm.
The rhythm is slightly mysterious and it carries you away with itself.
This rhythm contains the past, the present and the future, creation and preservation.
It represents centuries of live in this place, its strong cultural history and old traditions

My goal is to breed healthy English Springers and Clumber Spaniels, not forgetting that they should please the eye and have the correct wonderful “spaniel” temperament!
I only breed from dogs that have been screened for breed relevant health problems, i.e. hips and eyes.
I also strive to that all Bimbik's bred dogs will be hip scored and eye-checked, these tests will be done before the dog turns two years

We breed one or two litter a year.
The puppies are raised in a normal home environment with love, for loving homes only.
The new owner of a Bimbik's puppy will always be carefully guided for this life-long relationship and I will always be there for my precious ones, for the rest of their lives.
I enjoy the continued co-operation with my puppy buyers very much and I hope it will turn out to a mutual benefit.

The English Springer Spaniel is definitely "my breed" as I admire it's health, temperament, versatility and handy size.
I have felt very privileged to be able to co-operate with some of the most dedicated top-breeders of the breed from the very beginning.
I've been blessed with good friendships and talented mentors as well as some of their magnificent bloodlines, which have given a kick for the start of Bimbik's Springers and Clumbers.
With special gratitude I want to mention “my breeder” and good friend Mia Humell (kennel Bogaloo's), who entrusted me with the Springers and my foundation bitches, and who helped me start my own breeding with such an interesting litter!
The same thanks go also to Charlotte Marqvartsen (kennel Charmarq's ) and Minna Varonen (Kennel Goldensmile).
Big thanks also to Sheila Musaeus (Kennel Traddles), who trusted me enough to let me have the famous "Annie-Mummie" Traddles Mrs. Sowerberry in my team.

And last but not least I of course must thank Mairi Siimon (kennel Terra Antyda ), who introduced me to the show dog world, my good friends Birgitta and Hakan Johansson (kennel Mellows) who have always helped me and also Heidi Karves (kennel Karvin) where I got very good practical experience to start my own breeding.


My sincere thank you goes also to my parents, work colleges and friends, who have been so understanding and helped me through bad times and good times.

Bimbik's team in Aprill 2011
Photo by Liina Lelov
Bimbik's team in December 2012

Bimbik's team in October 2012

Bimbik's team in January 2010

Bimbik's team in december 2009
Bimbik's team in June 2009

Bimbik's team in february 2009

Bimbik's team in november. 2006

Bimbik's team in december. 2006