Kennel Bogaloo's (FIN)
Kennel Charmarq (DK)
Kennel Strenuous of Vitanyi (HU)
Kennel Icicle's (FIN)
Kennel Judgements Day's (FIN)
Kennel Grinity (FIN)
Kennel Dreemteems (FIN)
Kennel Ocean Pitfal (FIN)
Kennel Wildomar's (FIN)
Kennel Woodcrafts (SE)
Kennel Larix (SE)
Kennel Lelica's (SE)
Kennel Whisborne (SE)
Kennel Barecho (SE)
Kennel Linmoor (SE)
Kennel High Score (SE)
Kennel Charlescroft (SE)
Kennel Goldflames (SE)
Kennel Roqfolly (GB)
Kennel Calvdale (GB)
Kennel Melverly (GB)
Kennel Talking Eyes
Kennel vom Springer Clan (DE)
Kennel Lordsett (PL)
Kennel Tiamant (PL)
Kennel Avendesora (PL)
Kennel Venandi Peritus (PL)
Kennel Darrem Canis (PL)
Kennel Three Ponds Valley (PL)
Kennel Ruthless (CZ)
Kennel Tamaam (CZ)
Kennel Alfalex (EST)

Kennel Finngreen
Kennel Mellows (FIN)
Kennel Karvin (FIN)
Kennel Terra Antyda (EST)
Kennel Rogerwiek (EST)
Kennel Soft Soul (EST)
Kennel Cheya's (EST)
Kennel Black Floyd
Kennel Royal Fantasy (EST)
Kennel Cen Clarence's (EST)

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Kennel Mellows
Kennel Cen Clarence's

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